All Hail the new Disney Princess, Lily James

medium_cinderellamainIt feels like when Hollywood finds a genre worth exploiting, it milks it until its dry. Nowadays, that is what is happening with the retelling of Disney classics. Continue reading

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Daniel Brühl: the Latest Marvel Addition

As a fan of Marvel movies in general and of Daniel Brühl in particular, this is a dream come true. Continue reading

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Reading Doctor Who

For this past week, I have been wondering, what should I write about, now that Doctor Who is over? I have grown accustomed to mostly publishing posts about it: reviews, previews, promos, you name it. And now my brain is paralysed and does not want to respond when I ask it to write something coherent that doesn’t have to do with Scottish aliens. Continue reading

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‘Death in Heaven’ Review: Guard the Graveyards

doctor-who-death-heaven-13 (1)Well, well, if someone had told me 12 weeks ago that this is what the series 8 finale would be like, I wouldn’t have guessed it! Continue reading

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Film Review: Serena

jennifer-lawrence-serena-still-01It’s been two days since I saw this movie and I’m still depressed and traumatised. Continue reading

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Best Movie Theme Songs (According to Me, Anyway)

ginger-rogers-hair-top-hat-pleat-useAs of late, I have decided to focus on writing timeless posts, because the only thing I seem to be able to write punctually are the Doctor Who reviews. So that is what I will do for now, or at least until series 8 is over this Saturday week, and then I won’t have tons of drafts of movies released months ago with only the title written down. Continue reading

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‘Dark Water’ Review: the Blackest Day, the Darkest Hour

Doctor-Who-Dark-Water-ClaraOh yes, Doctor Who just got even better! This could be considered a controversial season, as from the very beginning there has been a division of opinions about the “new” style of the show. Continue reading

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My Favourite Songs from TV Shows

ep13-jesse-walt1Lord knows I am not a music connoisseur. Not that I don’t like it, because I love it (I am a human being, after all), but my favourite band of all time is The Beatles, and after that everything else falls in between, so I happen to enjoy many different singers and bands from all types of music genre, but sometimes I don’t even know their names. Continue reading

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‘In the Forest of the Night’ Review: Happy Red Ring Day

d22-600x332Lord knows I was dreading this episode for one single reason: there were going to be a lot of kids in it. Well, there weren’t more than six or seven, but it felt like a thousand. By general rule, I don’t quite like kids; they can be annoying, the acting is obviously not great and I don’t find them interesting, with few exceptions: the Harry Potter kids, the Goonies and the girl who played Maebh in this episode. Continue reading

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Weekend at the London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014

I was bound to fall in love with this place. As a fan of movies in general and Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, Buffy, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Marvel and a long etcetera in particular, this was meant to be my Promised Land. And indeed it was. Continue reading

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