‘Listen’ Review: Dad Skills

maxresdefaultI don’t know how to begin this review. ‘Listen’ was as confusing as it was splendid, so I fear the only thing I can write is a series of positive adjectives that show how much I enjoyed the episode. Continue reading

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‘Robot of Sherwood’ Review: Legends are Real and They Love to Banter

Doctor-Who-Robot-of-Sherwood-VillainI am going to get to the point: I LOVED ‘Robot of Sherwood’. It was the fun, light episode that Doctor Who needed after two weeks of introducing us to the darkest, most obscure Doctor to date. And, oh, was not Capaldi in his element. Continue reading

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Isabel Series 3: The End of a Reign is Near

Isabel_t3-702x336Here it is, finally. The day I had been waiting for almost a year. The epic historical drama Isabel begins its third series in Spain this Monday and it is going to be the conclusion to one of the most successful Spanish TV productions ever made. Continue reading

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‘Into the Dalek’ Review: of Beauty and Hatred

7f07816991514793c795dd8b64ff353fHere we are. We have only watched two episodes of this new Doctor Who series and the man is not wasting any time, isn’t he? Continue reading

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‘Into the Dalek': New Characters and a Darker Capaldi?

into-the-dalek-next-timeMy fried, short of inspiration brain is telling me to fill the blog with trailers while it recovers from who knows what.  So, in the meantime, I will listen to it (not like that has worked too well for me in the past) and start adding teasers and trailers and anything that requires little thinking. Continue reading

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‘Deep Breath’ Review: Not a Hugging Person Now

11As abrupt as Twelfth’s regeneration was, so was his first introduction to the world. In a way as hilarious as sharp, Peter Capaldi entered the show as the Doctor by telling our beloved Strax to, well, shut up –more specifically, “shush!” Continue reading

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Classy. Funny. Cary.

Cary Grant after finding a surprise in window seat (Arsenic and Old Lace, 1944)

Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, a leading actor needed at least one specific quality to fit in this privileged group of stars. He could be either funny, dashingly handsome, witty, elegant or tough, so any of these aspects could make one reach stardom. Continue reading

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New Doctor Who Premiere Pics and All the Episode Titles

The closer the date is, the more things we get. Continue reading

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Yes, There Is a Doctor Who Restaurant

As if someone had been guessing my dreams, a kind soul has created the place where I want to have every single meal of my life from now on… and it is in New York. Yes, far from London, but where can’t the TARDIS take you? Continue reading

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The Screen Battle of the Sexes

happened_1749151cMany things happened during the 1930s. The first FIFA World Cup ever was held in Uruguay and won by its host. The Nazi Party won the German federal elections, an event which would eventually lead to World War II. The Prohibition in the US ended. In 1932, the first live-action film with Technicolor sequences, The Cat and the Fiddle, was released, and the Empire State Building opened its gates. And in 1934, Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night started a golden age for a whole new genre: the screwball comedy. Continue reading

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