So I Watched GoT’s Finale, ‘The Iron Throne’…

Guys, this is the last time we will ever watch a Game of Thrones episode and the last time I will ever write about it -until all those prequels come flooding HBO, that is… Continue reading

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So I Watched GoT’s 8×05, ‘The Bells’…

To all those who were complaining two episodes ago about how not enough people had died in the Battle of Winterfell…are you happy now? Eggits….

Continue reading

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So I Watched GoT’s 8×04, ‘The Last of the Starks’…

Do we only have three episodes left? Are they all going to be feature-length? How am I going to cope with this? These are questions that no one cares about, because right now, we only want to know who is going to definitely die next week (answer: everyone you thought would die in the Battle of Winterfell and then didn’t). Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of Game of Thrones

Is one week too long to wait to see how the actual battle for the throne (you know, it’s in the show’s title) begins to end? Yes, the answer is yes; that was an obvious one. If you are still too shocked that (SPOILER) Continue reading

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So I Watched GoT’s 8×03, ‘The Long Night’…

So many feelings. I need to share them.

Obviously, these are filled with spoilers, so stop reading if you don’t want me to ruin the episode for you. Continue reading

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So I Watched GoT’s 8×02, ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’…

I know such a calm, full of character moments episode means there’s going to be a massacre next week, but I just want to enjoy the peacefulness of everyone drinking wine and singing and losing their virginity while I can. Continue reading

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So I Watched GoT’s Season 8 Premiere, ‘Winterfell’…

Game of Thrones is back. I know it’s been two years of longingly waiting, but now that winter is finally here, I don’t want it to end. It will be over before we have even assimilated it’s back! Six weeks is nothing! What are we going to do with our lives after this? Wait for the sequels? Rewatch the whole thing over again? Hope that Prince Charles Cinema will host a weekly marathon of each season? I throw premiere parties, what excuse am I going to have to make my friends cocktails now? Continue reading

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El Ministerio del Tiempo 1×03 Review: The Way Time is Rewritten

A time-travel show doesn’t become a proper time-travel show until it has its mandatory “we meet Hitler and have the dilemma of whether or not we should kill him” storyline. Here, it’s not really that the characters are thrown in that direction straightaway, but rather, they happen upon a conflict that might eventually only get solved if said assassination takes place. Continue reading

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Films To Watch on Valentine’s Day if You Are a Sarcastic, Sceptic Being

I have never cared for Valentine’s Day. Honestly. Whether I am single or not, I have always thought of the day as a consumerist excuse to buy presents just because, with the added pressure of failing if the present is not the best. I really don’t see the point, because couples already have their anniversaries to celebrate -in fact, that is what they should celebrate, not just some random day fairly close to Christmas. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×13 ‘Man of Worth’: Live Recap

For the past 24 hours, I have been apprehensive about writing this recap, because it meant that, once I did it, the Droughtlander would begin. Again. But I can’t postpone the inevitable, so here we go. To make the wait for season 5 shorter, I have Seven Stones to Stand or Fall, and I got The Fiery Cross from the library, although I don’t know if I will read it because a) I enjoy being surprised by the events on the show, and b) it looks looooong. Not that I don’t like long books (I read Ken Follett’s in a weekend), but, you know, I don’t know if I want to invest my time on a book that might make me dislike season 5 later on. I’m torn. Continue reading

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