Doctor Who 11×02 Review: The Ghost Monument

I love me some cliffhangers. They leave me in suspense, and since Doctor Who is one of the few shows I get to watch on a weekly basis, instead of binge-watched, the wait is delightful. Continue reading

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Doctor Who 11×01 Review: ‘The Woman Who Fell To Earth’

Farewell, Scotsman; hello, Yorkshirewoman. An event we have been anticipating since the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor (some because they love watching the show, others because they wanted to complain about the new choice, whatever the outcome), the first adventure of number 13 (14, but we know how it works) feels as big as a movie and as charming as your regular ol’ Doc. Also, I loved everyone’s accent. Continue reading

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First Look At Thirteenth’s First Episode

“I’m looking for a doctor…” Continue reading

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Netflix has Mastered Teen Movies -Grown-Up Ones, not so Much

I hadn’t planned to review nor recap any of those Netflix films you decide to watch at night in the comfort of your couch, let alone write a whole mini-essay on them. But after one too many bored nights of scrolling through what the Netflix Al-Gore-rhythm (bless you, Titus) recommended, I noticed a pattern that is sticking: the films for teenagers are good, and the ones oriented at adults tend to be total crap -yes that is the scientific term for it. Continue reading

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El Ministerio del Tiempo 1×01 Review: Time Is What it Is

I have been a fan of El Ministerio del Tiempo since its inception back in 2015. How couldn’t I? Isabel had just ended, and here were its creators, the Olivares brothers (RIP Pablo), giving us a time travelling show that starred king Fernando himself and was going to have a cameo by the queen and Cisneros, plus many of the actors were going to reappear playing different characters. Continue reading

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Film Review: Deadpool 2

Deadpool has returned, but you all knew that already, didn’t you? What with all the insane marketing campaigning. Which I loved. Continue reading

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Mary Poppins Never Grows Old

I come a bit late to this party (because I was out on a holiday), but we should celebrate. Continue reading

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Why This Is Us is the Best You Can Watch Right Now

TV dramas. We are saturated with them. We have thousands of choices. Who hasn’t spent half an hour on Netflix trying to decide what to watch, only to hopelessly give up? Luckily, most of the television being made right now is top-notch. The Golden Age. TV in its prime. But it seems to be focusing on cable and streaming services, and we are forgetting that network television is not just syndicated shows and sit-coms. Continue reading

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Black Mirror Review: Hang The DJ

I don’t usually review Black Mirror episodes. On one hand, because I enjoy just watching them, without the pressure of having to take notes and then talk about them. And on the other hand, because they are so grim that, by the time they are done, I’m curled up on the couch rocking myself while holding my legs and staring blankly into nothing while thinking, “this is going to happen to us. It’s coming and we are doing nothing to prevent it.” Continue reading

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My Favourite TV Shows in 2017

twice upon a time cuddle

The year is ending and, let’s be honest: with this new age of Golden Television, we are also given too much. There are so many TV shows being made that we can’t watch them all, and not all of them can be good. Continue reading

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