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X Men: Days of Future Past (YES!)


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Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

BXa1BH8CAAAhuFIAfter weeks of waiting and waiting, the day is finally here: Nosferatu at the British Film Institute! Continue reading

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The Fifth Estate: All The Awards to Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl

1375733_671299752889305_2127197156_nI don´t care what you might have heard about The Fifth Estate, about its pace, about the script… I really don’t. You only need to know THIS: Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl make every single minute be worth it, and that is good enough for us all.

So go to church or wherever and thank God that someone put them there to present us with two hours of spectacular acting and owning the place. Continue reading

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Reasons to Worship Simon Pegg

1277711_480856122021410_922428021_oThere is no doubt that Simon Pegg is a comic genius, and that is an understatement: he is witty and and the same time it feels like he is close to the public. Continue reading

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (The Avengers 2 is Coming…)

BXXBKjkIIAAfupxBecause apparently, this saga of superhero movies, which began in 2008, doesn´t seem to be growing tired of its own awesomeness. Continue reading

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Reading and Watching Wuthering Heights

Wuthering_HeightsITVDVDNot so long ago, I decided to read, after months of gathering dust on a shelf, Emily Brontë´s Wuthering Heights. Even though it wasn´t easy to get hooked with the first set of pages, it ended up being one of the novels that have made a bigger impact on me. A wonderful love story tainted from start to finish with pessimism, anguish and Heathcliff´s spirit of revenge, with a single optimist turn thanks to the love ending with Cathy and Hareton.

But, Jesus Christ, it is a depressing story. You don´t even want to cry, it just makes you want to eat lots of ice-cream while you stare gloomily at the horizon. Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Anniversary is Coming and It’s Driving Me Nuts

1398917_738895782791118_1214759844_oI´m getting A BIT too anxious about the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Not only because it is going to be epic and I´ll cry my heart out when Matt Smith -God bless your cheekbones- regenerates, but also because it will mark the return of my favourite doctor/companion combo EVER.

Yes, I am talking about David Tennant and Billie Piper. Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Fred

Astaire sings Night and Day to Rogers in The Gay Divorcee

Astaire sings “Night and Day” to Rogers in The Gay Divorcee

I woke up this morning with a very particular craving: watching a Fred and Ginger film*. Unfortunately, all my DVDs are gathering dust in the South of Spain, so I am going to have to wait to enjoy gems such as Shall We Dance or The Gay Divorcee.

Because the dancing chemistry between Astaire and Rogers will never be accomplished by anyone else. They would melt as one, and the way they danced together was unique. It was so special, that all the other times they did it with different partners, it just wasn’t the same. Continue reading

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Isabel, the Spanish Series You Should Be Watching

Picture taken from TVE. Copyright Javier de Agustin

To my delight, I have just found out that Sky Arts is broadcasting Isabel, an awarded Spanish show that is currently on its second season back in my home country.

Now that I am in London, I find this little things particularly touching, since they allow me to have tiny moments of homesickness. Maybe because in Spain I watch this with my mum -whose name also happens to be Isabel.

To put you in situation, Isabel tells the story of whom were the most important monarchs in Spanish history: Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, commonly known as “Los Reyes Católicos” (The Catholic Monarchs): America was discovered during their reign, and they also reconquered the parts of Southern Spain that still belonged to the Muslims. They did many other things, of course, and everything is splendidly depicted in the show. Continue reading

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María de Villota, Gone Too Soon



The posts of this blog are usually about film and television. But not today. Today, I am going to make an exception with someone who has represented two important things in my life, Spain and sports. And that someone is María de Villota.

For those of you who don’t know who she was, María was a racing driver -and daughter of a Formula One driver, too). She carved a niche for herself in the motor racing world, and she even got to compete in the formerly Spanish Formula Three Championship. In an environment where being a woman wasn’t helpful, she overcome her circumstances and proved to be as worthy as her fellow drivers. Continue reading

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