The Beginning (of my Breaking Bad Withdrawal Symptoms)

© AMC / Ursula CoyoteWelcome to my humble blog! And what a better way to start it than with the end of a masterpiece of the 21st century television: Breaking Bad.

For those of you who don´t know what Breaking Bad is –strange if you are part of the modern civilization- or who have never seen it, well, let´s sum it up:

Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher from Albuquerque. He lived an ordinary life with his pregnant wife, Skyler, and his teenage son, Walt Jr, until he found out that he had cancer. In order to make some money so that his family can survive when he is gone, he decides to do what every human being would in his situation: cooking meth.

And from that moment on, the story stops being about cancer and starts developing into one of the most endearing and captivating plots in the history of television, and I´m not exaggerating. Those who claim they don´t like it, it´s simply because they haven´t given it a chance: in what other TV series could you blow someone´s head off without being out of place? And that was a season finale…

But this post is not about reviewing the last episode –I might do an analysis of it in the future, but not a review-. It is about acknowledging the legacy that Walter White has left us. Well, more like the legacy of Vince Gilligan, creator of it all.

So right now, let´s forget about how it ended –SPOILER ALERT: Walter and all the villains die, Jesse is driving like crazy and our beloved Saul is somewhere in Nebraska- and let me share with you some of my favourite moments throughout the show´s run.

This is probably one of the most hilarious scenes of the show: Jesse shows up at the White house to beg Walter to stop the meth business –and he obviously declines the offer-. Skyler arrives and he sees himself forced to have dinner with them.

An obvious one that has to be here: “I am the one who knocks”.

Mike was always one of my favourite characters, and in the middle of many badass things, he gave us this amazing monologue with a moral.

As a big admirer of the Walt-Jesse relationship, I always find this scene moving, despite its harshness. It´s just Walt standing up for Jesse, doing something bad so that he doesn´t have to. Let´s forget what he makes Jesse do on the following episode, though…

The long-awaited confrontation between Walt and Hank. Walter had been deceiving his brother in-law for a long time, and when he found out the truth, it was only a matter of time before a great scene like this happened.

“You two suck at peddling meth”. Enough said.

And finally, the impressive scene I was talking about earlier. This is what turns a good show into a masterpiece.

And that is all for now! I am afraid I am too saddened by the perspective of no more Breaking Bad in the future, but I will try to make more posts about it. As Mike would say, we have to let it die in peace.

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