Homeland Season 3: Crazy Crying Is Back!

Image belongs to Homeland's Facebook page. I do not own any of the photosIt may sound strange, but I am sure I’m not the only one who thinks like this: Brody didn’t show up at all during Homeland’s season premiere, and I didn’t miss him. Actually, he has left a “legacy” that has every single character facing the consequences of everything he has done. I think we can hold for a couple more episodes without him.

I would really say the entire season, but Damian Lewis is too superb to let him go, even though his storyline could have easily ended with his escape out of the States. It is sort of what happens with William H. Macy and the US version of Shameless. But Lewis stays in the picture, that is indisputable.

So, Homeland is back! A bit overshadowed by Breaking Bad‘s Felina because, what mastermind on Showtime decided they should premiere at the EXACT SAME TIME Heisenberg’s story was coming to an end? Still, it has only taken me a week to remember that Homeland was back, with its news buried amongst dozens of articles about the AMC show.

Rupert Friend as QuinnI must confess that one of the improvements for me this season is the promotion of Brit Rupert Friend as a series regular. Quinn proved to be a pleasant surprise last season, with fabulous moments -hey, remember when he stabbed Brody on the hand during “Q&A“? Audience surrogate, just saying-, and the perspective of having him on every episode just makes me feel the season is going to be more 2011 and less 2012.

In fact, one of the best scenes of “Tin Man Is Down” belongs to him, when in order to avoid the collateral damage of killing a kid, he actually ends up killing the kid. Black ops agent with a heart.

But the other important part of the episode were the “trials” -because they weren’t really that- of Carrie and Saul. Completely different from each other, by the way. Carrie almost raised the crazy alert again -just kidding, she totally did- by “suggesting” that Brody had nothing to do with the terrorist attack that killed 219 people in the CIA headquarters. We know Brody is innocent, but nobody else in the world does. After all, the video of him confessing the -failed- suicide vest issue from season 1 was broadcast after the CIA attack, so I honestly don’t know how they are going to prove his innocence in the matter. Even if they DO prove it and they catch that Iranian new villain whose name I don’t remember right now, the video is there. They can say he was forced to film it, but it still won’t make a difference. It is like those times when someone is widely accused by the media of killing their step-daughter or some other relative, and it turns out they were innocent all along, but their lives are ruined nonetheless. Yes, that is how Brody’s life will be, sorry dude.

Carrie’s interrogations were harsh, especially because everybody just wanted her to say something that would incriminate CIA, dismantling it for good. And all the leaks throughout the episode were even more hurtful.

But it was Saul‘s testimony before the Intelligence Committee what changed the course. From my point of view, what he says -I won’t spoil it, just in case- is completely justified. He had to do it, even if it was bad for Carrie, but it was the only way the CIA could get a break to continue their investigations. And Saul needs that break, now that he is the Acting Director of the whole thing.

But there is something else going on here. There has been an extended theory this past year about Saul, and the fact that he might have been the brain behind the CIA attack. I personally refuse to believe that, because Saul is the very best character of the show, and Mandy Patinkin is an awesome actor with a breathtaking singing voice, and his name is “Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die”. BUT, his constant insistence on the fact that the six people identified as part of the attack HAD to be killed at the same time and “the six or no one” struck me. It looked as if he wanted to get rid of them without giving any of the six the option of “talking”. Maybe talking about Saul’s implication? We will have to wait and see. God, I hope Saul is not rotten.

Oh, and some stuff happen with Dana Brody, too. In short, she cut her wrists at some point during the 58 days that have past since the attack and Nick’s “confession”, and then she sent topless pictures of her to a guy from the rehab clinic, and zzzzzz. Dana’s story had a point last season, but it’s not the main focus of the show. If they want to highlight someone from that house, it should be Jessica, as simple as that.

So the conclusion after watching “Tin Man Is Down” is that a Brody-less show is working fine for now, Dana is boring as hell, Carrie likes ginger guys and is back to her crazy collage-wall habits, Quinn is the new badass, and Saul please don’t be the bad guy, please, thank you, you are the best.

I would like to remark a quote, which can be read on a wall at the rehab centre while Dana is boringly making out with some guy. It is by the brilliant American poet Robert Frost, and it could easily be this season’s tagline:

“The best way out is always through”.

Mandy Patinkin in Homeland's Season 3 Premiere. Image belongs to Homeland's Facebook page. I do not own any of the photos

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