The Fifth Estate Is Almost Here, Thank Goodness

1271526_658443897508224_1318414325_oOne of the most anticipated films of the year –for me- is about to hit theatres: next Friday, The Fifth Estate will be released in the UK!

Not only I am excited because the two main actors are on my list of favourite thespians of this century, but also because I find the story of Julian Assange fascinating -I will not say if I agree with what he has done or not. That is not relevant here-. Everything he has created, its origins and its consequences, all in one film where we will get to see it re-enacted by magnificent performers –also, Dan Stevens and future Doctor Peter Capaldi make appearances, as well as several other great actors-.

So far, I am turning a deaf ear to the reviews circulating –I read one qualifiying the movie as “boooring”. But I will write my own. Maybe my high expectations will make me dislike the film. But I am sure of two things:

The acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl will be splendid. It doesn´t matter if the story is boring, that is the screenwriter´s fault, not theirs. I really cannot picture them giving bad performances.

I will like the story. It might be slow, it might leave some stuff out, but the core is what matters, from beginning to end. I still don´t know if the movie has an anti-Wikileaks or a pro-Wikileaks approach, though. We will see next week.

“That´s what they are afraid of. YOU”.

© Images taken from The Fifth Estate´s Facebook Page.

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