María de Villota, Gone Too Soon



The posts of this blog are usually about film and television. But not today. Today, I am going to make an exception with someone who has represented two important things in my life, Spain and sports. And that someone is María de Villota.

For those of you who don’t know who she was, María was a racing driver -and daughter of a Formula One driver, too). She carved a niche for herself in the motor racing world, and she even got to compete in the formerly Spanish Formula Three Championship. In an environment where being a woman wasn’t helpful, she overcome her circumstances and proved to be as worthy as her fellow drivers.

But a big moment that marked a turning point happened in 2012. On July 3rd, an accident during some aerodynamic tests in Duxford changed her life. She almost died, although the doctors intervened on time and her life was saved. As a result, María lost her right eye and, consequently, had to stop competing.

But her life has always been an example. Ever since the accident, she spoke out, she helped others who had been in similar situations, and she always showed what a kind person she was.

This morning, her body was found at the Hotel Sevilla Congresos, in Seville. She was going to give a lecture and talk about her biography, which is meant to be published in Spain next Monday. As I am writing this, the autopsy has just confirmed that she has died a natural death.

She had just married her boyfriend three months ago.

And she was only 33 years old.

Every person who ever met her, only has nice words for her. She was a caring human being, who appreciated her family, her friends, and life. She was grateful for it, for this second opportunity she had been given. And she enjoyed every single day.

Thank you, María, for being such an inspiration. Your legacy will remain, and you will not be forgotten.BWJZ6X5IQAAuR6l

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