The Doctor Who Anniversary is Coming and It’s Driving Me Nuts

1398917_738895782791118_1214759844_oI´m getting A BIT too anxious about the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Not only because it is going to be epic and I´ll cry my heart out when Matt Smith -God bless your cheekbones- regenerates, but also because it will mark the return of my favourite doctor/companion combo EVER.

Yes, I am talking about David Tennant and Billie Piper.

527691_628607063819991_124840152_nI am not undermining Smith at all. Quite the opposite: I think he has been a great Doctor –I even went to see him in Almería, where they filmed that season 7 western episode-, but Tennant is MY Doctor, and Piper is MY companion. I was 15 when the show came back, and they are what made Doctor Who appealing to me.

And so, I am waiting like a crazy person for their return, which will be on November 23rd with “The Day of the Doctor”. It was obvious they would return for such an important episode, being so popular both of them –that is why they were both “put on hold” on a parallel dimension, just waiting to make a spectacular return!-.

Obviously, the moments of Doctor Who that have made me cry the most have been their departures: that tearful sequence where Rose gets trapped on the other side –with the heartbreaking “Doomsday” theme on the background-, followed by their (first) goodbye at the bay; and Tennant´s regeneration. I could list so many other moments of these seven season that have made me weep, but I don´t want to sound like a crybaby right now –which I AM-.

Please, take a look at this trailer for next month´s special, and get as excited as I am right now. Allons-y!

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2 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Anniversary is Coming and It’s Driving Me Nuts

  1. Counting down the days.

  2. Yea, I’m with you, I’m going NUTS with anticipation! And you may have to share 10 and Rose.. they’re my faves!

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