Reading and Watching Wuthering Heights

Wuthering_HeightsITVDVDNot so long ago, I decided to read, after months of gathering dust on a shelf, Emily Brontë´s Wuthering Heights. Even though it wasn´t easy to get hooked with the first set of pages, it ended up being one of the novels that have made a bigger impact on me. A wonderful love story tainted from start to finish with pessimism, anguish and Heathcliff´s spirit of revenge, with a single optimist turn thanks to the love ending with Cathy and Hareton.

But, Jesus Christ, it is a depressing story. You don´t even want to cry, it just makes you want to eat lots of ice-cream while you stare gloomily at the horizon.

It makes me want to read about the Brontë sisters´ lives, because I don´t think they were particularly happy…

SO, back to the Tinky Winky novel: the very same day that I finished reading it, I decided to find some film adaptations. I dropped the idea of watching the ones starring Laurence Olivier and Ralph Fiennes because, even though they are two actors that I adore, none of them included the second half of the book, and I wanted to see an adaptation where they narrated every generation of Earnshaws and Lintons. Otherwise, it would feel like a cheat.

Knowing that here in United Kingdom they always make great miniseries for TV, I managed to find two: from 1998 and 2009, respectively.


The first one I saw was the 2009 version, and I honestly liked everything: actors, photography, script… Someone had the excellent idea of choosing Tom Hardy as the main lead, and it was perfect. I had no idea this guy was that good of an actor. The rest of the cast is just as good as him –and apparently he is married or engaged to Charlotte Riley, who plays Catherine.

matthew macfadyen 10As for the 1998 version, I keep two elements: the time accuracy –the 2009 one takes place throughout a longer period, making the characters older- and Matthew MacFadyen as Hareton, what a delight! The rest of the characters, get out of there, thank you. If you don´t believe me, just watch it:

Cathy Linton wears a wig that looks like something out of a Mel Brooks comedy; a 15 year-old Linton that you´d say he has done his military service three or four times, and, last and worst, a terrible choice for Heathcliff. There is a moment at the beginning when the protagonist –or antagonist- is supposed to be 16 or 17, and the “kid” is already getting grey hairs all over. Gosh, the only thing they do to change his aspect when he is forty is the addition of some weird eye bags that crept me out.

So you can see why I prefer the 2009 version.

PS. Don´t read the book or watch these miniseries if you have just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. This love story doesn´t have a single peaceful, happy moment. NOT EVEN ONE.

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2 thoughts on “Reading and Watching Wuthering Heights

  1. Krista Culbertson

    “Wuthering Heights” is literally one of the most depressing books ever. And actually really frustrating. The film adaptions never sounded tempting to me, but if Mathew MacFadyen or Tom Hardy is involved… 😉

    But there IS always Noel Fielding dancing to “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush.

    • Virginia Cerezo

      HAHAHAHAH!! How come I had never seen this before? I didn’t recognised him at first, I thought it was just a weird woman!!! XD

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