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Downton Abbey: Surviving the Season 3 Massacre

aBBEYThis is supposed to be an article about how season 4 of Downton Abbey is going so far, especially after the (cruel) deaths we had to go through last year. This means that I am not going to talk about the “event” from Episode 3, because I’m starting to feel that creator Julian Fellowes wants to turn Downton into Game of Thrones: Edwardian Edition.

I was quite concerned about how the absences of Sybil and Matthew would affect the show, particularly the latter-how do you kill him in such a cruel way on CHRISTMAS DAY?-. So far, I can state that every time someone mentions their name, I get a lump in my throat. Continue reading

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Creativity Under Construction


So, my brain has decided to switch off and remain inactive for the rest of the day, mostly due to a massive headache produced by spending the whole day in front of a computer. Such a shame, I had lots of thoughts to share about the last Homeland episode, the “event” on Downton Abbey, The Originals and Benedict Cumberbatch. Continue reading

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Homeland Season 3: Crazy Crying Is Back!

Image belongs to Homeland's Facebook page. I do not own any of the photosIt may sound strange, but I am sure I’m not the only one who thinks like this: Brody didn’t show up at all during Homeland’s season premiere, and I didn’t miss him. Actually, he has left a “legacy” that has every single character facing the consequences of everything he has done. I think we can hold for a couple more episodes without him. Continue reading

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Retrospective: Arsenic and Old Lace

Arsenic_And_Old_Lace_PosterHalloween is approaching -sort of- and I cannot think of a better way to honour it than with a film classic like this Cary Grant comedy.

All right, so it is not really a “typical” Halloween film: it is not horror, nor a thriller, but it takes place on Halloween night, so that will do.

Honestly, I just want an excuse to talk about it.

Arsenic and Old Lace is mostly a vehicle for Cary Grant to show his great comical skills, his ability to deliver great lines with a stoical face and his body language. He was a genius, and this film, even though he never liked the final result, is the proof nowadays that Grand could own the screen without Katharine Hepburn by his side or Alfred Hitchcock directing.

But let me tell you a bit about the plot: Continue reading

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The Beginning (of my Breaking Bad Withdrawal Symptoms)

© AMC / Ursula CoyoteWelcome to my humble blog! And what a better way to start it than with the end of a masterpiece of the 21st century television: Breaking Bad.

For those of you who don´t know what Breaking Bad is –strange if you are part of the modern civilization- or who have never seen it, well, let´s sum it up:

Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher from Albuquerque. He lived an ordinary life with his pregnant wife, Skyler, and his teenage son, Walt Jr, until he found out that he had cancer. In order to make some money so that his family can survive when he is gone, he decides to do what every human being would in his situation: cooking meth. Continue reading

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