Homeland, You Better Get Back on Track Soon

1450226_670437326310174_891321015_nI’m so furious with Homeland right now. It is like one of those friends who are always involved in some kind of trouble, and they tell you that they are going to change, and you believe them because you still remember a time when they were good kids, but you are too foolish to realize that they are lying to your face. That’s my relationship with Homeland nowadays, and I cannot bail it out of jail every weekend.

Here is the main, positive thought: I am glad the show is back to being all about CIA and terrorists and Middle East plots, because that is what it used to be. Before the tragic lovers plot, before the DanaZzzzzzz –wait, did I fall asleep?- plot. But something needs to be done!

I feel very frustrated about this, because I admire the three main actors and I think they are excellent. And the third one after Danes and Patinkin is Rupert Friend, not Damian Lewis. Sorry, he is not a main character anymore: you can’t be if you only show up in one episode out of seven.

It’s not that I don’t like Lewis, because I find him superb. But he wasn’t needed for these storylines, so I guess that is a bonus point for the show: don’t use them if you don’t need them. Lost logic.


I just have some demands/hopes –and note that I haven’t watched episode 8 yet, so some of these things might have happened or been completely dismissed:

  • More of Quinn, please. He is a mysterious and intriguing character who probably has a great backstory that is worth showing. More than a whole episode in Caracas with Brody, that is for sure –I will bite my tongue if the connection with Caracas turns into something mind-blowing.1456582_667917363228837_139772963_n
  • Drop. The. Pregnancy. That was the most gratuitous and unnecessary plot this show has ever seen –yes, over that time Brody killed some guy in the woods-. She has already a lot to deal with, and this pregnancy only brings us closer to the tragic lovers stuff. And I am not even going to talk about the drawer full of pregnancy tests. Good Lord.
  • I want Saul to become the full-time CIA director, so that he can rub it on Senator Lockhart’s face. That douche.
  • The sending Javadi back to Iran move. Please, tell me it doesn’t turn out to be a terrible idea. I trust you, Saul, but the outcome better be awesome.
  • Less Dana. We get it, she has issues because she is dealing with what her father did. But the show is about the CIA. Never forget that, Homeland writers/producers/people in charge.
  • David Estes is the mole who is still alive, right? Right?

As it is happening with How I Met Your Mother this season, I am scared of the show taking the wrong directions, but I will not lose faith. I have trust, and I believe things can get better. I am also pretty naïve and short-sighted, so nothing I have just said is reliable.

I warned you.

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