The Day of the Doctor is Almost Here

My 3D glasses are ready, the Doomsday theme is playing on my iPod non-stop, and we are only one day away from one of the biggest events in science-fiction: the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman will share the screen with fan favourites -and my favourites- David Tennant and Billie Piper, returning as the 10th Doctor somewhere before The End of Time -let’s not forget he said he had married Elizabeth I– and Rose, in what seems to be some version of ‘Bad Wolf’ Rose, although it hasn’t been stated if this is the Rose who is currently living in the parallel universe. Let’s hope so, that way we might have a glimpse of the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor.

My main worry right now is that the episode will not live up to its expectations. But it’s Steven Moffat, and Tennant and Piper are back with Smith. Anything that might happen will be gladly received.

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