Brian Griffin: Dog, Friend and Martini Drinker

family guy 800x600It feels like too many TV shows are killing off main characters, as if they were in the midst of an autumn streak –don’t worry, no big spoilers ahead.

Sometimes, they die because the actors decide to leave the show to do films or theatre –Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens-, or because they fight with the producers –Charlie Sheen being the best and latest example. But there are some special occasions, not many, when these beloved characters are killed for the sake of the plot, to make the story evolve. When these events happen, although sad, they turn out to be the right choices, because these are decisions made after a long, thorough consideration.

It happened last week with a particular CBS show –which broke my heart, but I understood the necessity for the plot-, and now it has happened with Family Guy. They killed Brian. Yes, they did.

With cartoon shows, these decisions make less sense, although sometimes it is really inevitable. But not with main characters. In this type of shows with hundreds of characters, the usual is to kill minor ones, like The Simpsons’ Maude Flanders, for instance.

But Family Guy, or Seth MacFarlane –which is the same- made a bold move. Removing Brian from the equation may seem crazy right now –I still can’t believe it-, but we have to wait a bit to see things from a different perspective, to appreciate how the show will work without this beloved, drunk, crooner dog.

It will be hard at first, as it always is, but the chances are that Family Guy begins a new era, not better or worse, just different. Or perhaps Brian will be back next season, as if it was all a dream. You never know with these people.

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One thought on “Brian Griffin: Dog, Friend and Martini Drinker

  1. The video so truthful and funny.

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