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Philomena, her Lost Child and the Evil Catholic Nuns

1441313_602957569767659_1748396753_n“I hope you brought tissues with you”. If the box-office clerk tells you this, you know you are about to watch some The Notebook-style level of sadness movie. But apparently I am an emotional masochist, so who cares. Continue reading

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The Monuments Men Heads to Berlin

George Clooney’s newest film, which we could say is his own Ocean’s Eleven in World War II, will premiere at the 64th Berlin Film Festival, which will take place next February. Continue reading

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Thor: The Dark World’s a Stage

1375869_575273872508819_236495022_nAvengers fans you (we) are in luck, because the new Thor adds more fuel to the Marvel Movie Imaginary –that´s how I like to call it. Continue reading

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Ripper Street: Whaaaaat??

BYPqcg8CYAEQG8uInspector Edmund Reid -Matthew MacFadyen- is back to Whitechapel and into our TVs, with the return of acclaimed BBC show Ripper Street. And with not-so-understandable plots. Continue reading

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New trailer for the New Hobbit

1379806_579039518825176_1760068233_nThis Christmas, Peter Jackson will bring us another insight into the mind of J. R. R. Tolkien, and it will have the form of the second -Zzzz- instalment in The Hobbit trilogy. Continue reading

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Captain Phillips, or How Paul Greengrass doesn’t Want us to Breathe

1378097_574416975971551_1795696679_nImportant note to everyone: Tom Hanks is NOT going to win his third Oscar for this film. Continue reading

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