My Favourite Moments from “Friends”

The six main actors during the filming of the show's finaleAs someone born in the border between the 80s and the 90s, I can safely say that my childhood was not about cartoons, or puppets or dolls -well, only Barbies: it was about Friends. I grew up with Ross, Chandler and company, and they taught me English, life issues and weird songs.

This is a show I started watching when I was 7 and which finished when I was 16. As many other fans of this emblematic show, I dissolved into tears when the six protagonists got rid of their sets of keys to Monica’s flat. It was the end of an era, my farewell to childhood, and my moment to begin experiencing all the things that I had seen on Friends -and which couldn’t have happened to me for obvious age reasons.

I must say, though, that I was lucky enough to find a similar substitute only one year later in How I Met Your Mother: it had the same format, the same character style, the same experiences, and this time, I could relate more because of my age. Actually, now that I am 25 I can relate completely to the characters of HIMYM -especially Robin, to be honest.

But that doesn’t mean Friends wasn’t realistic. I was simply too young. Now and then, I rewatch some of the episodes and I find myself having a better understanding of things and appreciating them more. It is a show that never gets old, and its situations could happen to anyone. Okay, I’ve never given birth to my brother’s triplets or said the wrong name at my wedding -mainly because I am not married, God forbid-, but I have had the Monica’s “hair in Barbados” experience. We’ve all been there.

So, with the purpose of remembering some of my favourite moments from Friends’ ten year life-span, I have selected what I think are the best gifs you can find online. Enjoy them. They are there for you.




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