I’m in a Glass Case of Emotion

Today is the day that Christmas officially begins. Well, at least for me. I am flying home and, for some reason, I decide to arrive to the airport three hours earlier, because who doesn’t love to hang out at these places for half a day?

So tonight, while I set up the Christmas tree – because that is my job – I will only have one regret: not watching Anchorman 2. It does sound ridiculous, doesn’t it? But it was released yesterday, and Hollywood comedies take months to get to Spain. Strange, but true. And this means that my only hope is that the film is still on when I go back to England.

One can only hope.

So far, all I have heard about the film – assumptions of people who haven’t seen it yet – is that the greatest fear with this sequel is the possibility of it not being as good as the 2004 original. Of course, that is the issue with every single sequel, and especially with a film that has a cult status like Anchorman. But you never know – see The Desolation of Smaug for references -. In my case, I am just going to watch it as an isolated movie, without comparing it to the original, or else I will not enjoy it.

Well, that escalated quickly.

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2 thoughts on “I’m in a Glass Case of Emotion

  1. Krista Culbertson

    Let’s see it when you get back!!

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