Happy Overrated Night

Happy New Year! Well, almost, at least here in western Europe. Nevertheless, instead of hoping you all have a wonderful evening during what I believe to be the most overrated night of the year, I hope you have a great 2014, from start to finish.

Not much more about it, that’s all I have to say. I hope your dreams come true, etc, etc and all those things people say when a new year arrives. Just remember, if tonight sucks, that doesn’t mean the year is going to suck too. Quite the opposite! They are not related at all. I spend my last New Year’s Eve at home with a temperature of almost 39 and my 2013 was gr… Oh, oops, ok. Forget that I said anything.

Happy 2014! As a gift, you can watch an excellent episode from one of the best TV series from the 20th century, Frasier – I keep you in my heart -. This 20 minute gift is about Frasier, Niles and their father almost missing the change from one year to the next one.

UPDATE: I am afraid the video has been removed overnight, so you can watch instead this scene from the episode in which Frasier decides to compose a main theme for his radio show.

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