Germaine Greer’s Rainforest Call to Arms


Bestselling author Germaine Greer presented her new book, White Beech: The Rainforest Years at King’s Place this Monday.

The book talks about the Australian rainforest of Gondwana, which Greer has been regenerating over the past few years with the help of some volunteers. With White Beech, Greer tries to compel people to take part in the conservation of these areas and not leave it to politicians.

The author spoke about the much-needed restoration of the country’s panorama and how to restore its biodiversity and uniqueness. A part of the world we cannot leave without, as she explained.

“The forest is in charge”, affirmed Greer during the presentation, which consisted in a slideshow of photos of Gondwana, which showed all the implements they have made over the years.

The presentation, dubbed “Not just another anthropogenic biome” served to explain all the information contained in Greer’s book. She also described how they take care of plants and trees before inserting them into nature.

After her speech, the writer welcomed some questions from the audience, some of which prompted her to speak about the politics of her homeland and the lack of interest in keeping the rainforest safe.

“Apparently, to be the president of Australia, you have to pretend to be stupid”, said Greer referring to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the poor – in her opinion – environmental plan of the government.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1939, Greer started her career with an extensive and cultural higher education. She graduated in English and French literature at the University of Melbourne, and afterwards, she got a Master’s Degree in Romantic Poetry by the University of Sydney, where she joined the Sydney Push movement.

Thanks to her Master’s thesis, The Development of Byron’s Satiric Mode, Germaine obtained the Commonwealth Scholarship, which she used to carry on with her doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge, eventually getting her doctorate in Elizabethan Drama.

In England, she wrote for magazines such as Private Eye and Oz, and she started to publish books focused on feminism, with which she would achieve fame and worldwide recognition. The most important of them is The Female Eunuch, published in 1970, which became a huge hit and catapulted Greer to fame.

Now, with White Beech, the celebrated author wants to address the environmental issues in her home country and what can be done about it. And it is not only a problem in Australia. When asked if England should be thinking of doing something similar, Greer did not hesitate.

“Yes, it should”.

White Beech: The Rainforest Years is now on sale. You can find information to help here:

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