Remembering Past Oscars: Hugh Jackman

I just quickly want to share a personal thought. I was remembering all the Academy Award galas, well, at least the ones I have personally watched, because I have never bothered to sit through an entire show that happened before 1995. Too much. Okay, I will stop straying. The point is that I was thinking about what edition had been my favourite, and I had it crystal clear from the beginning: the 81st edition in 2009, hosted by Hugh Jackman.

Not because of who won or who did not – Slumdog Millionaire did – but because Jackman is a musical wonder. I could watch him sing and dance for hours. Some might have been surprised when they saw him playing Valjean in Les Misérables, because they considered him an action movies actor, and that is not true at all. Jackman is a musical theatre performer, that is his thing. Wolverine just came across by chance, and it turned out he was perfect for it too. Oh, and he has also proved that he is a talented dramatic thespian, let’s be fair.

But the 81st edition of the Oscars was perfect for me. I already knew what a great singer he was, but this was an opportunity for the world to learn about it too. He gave a tremendous opening performance, which was fast-paced, funny and spectacular, and then he sang again a medley that melted the hearts of every musical lover in the world, singing from Top Hat to Hairspray, from Singing in the Rain to Mamma Mia, and it was superb – and the number was created by Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann.

Perfect, just perfect. He hosted once and left a great impression. Future hosts, don’t even try.


Of course, let’s not forget when the whole cast of Les Misérables sang “One Day More” last year. Tears, tears everywhere.

My God, that man is perfect.

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