Bridget Jones, my Faithful Valentine’s Date

Bridget-jonesI am just going to throw some cultural knowledge to you all: in Spain, Saint Valentine’s Day is not a thing. Yes, we are a Catholic culture, which means we believe in saints, but we do not really care that much about celebrating this one, and if we do, it’s because of the Anglo-Saxon influence and because most shops just want to sell, sell, sell. Which is fine by me, by the way. But I have never really celebrated it, probably because the only two long-term partners I’ve had were ┬ánot into the Anglo-Saxon thing, apparently – maybe that is why I moved to London? Although I seem to recall the latest giving me a rose. And Donetes, the best way to conquer my heart forever. That and Kinder Delice. And a cocktail mixer to make endless Cosmopolitans. That’s about it.

So, since I have been taught to ignore this holiday – even though I think it’s somewhat cute, the best way of spending it is with my never disappointing Bridget Jones, as the title of this article implies. Ah, she is our very best role model. She teaches us how to drink -and what and when, she teaches us what skirts not to wear during a live report and she teaches us that good-looking guys are always – no exception – a*holes. Except for Mark Darcy, because, you know, Colin Firth. Please, watch his Pride and Prejudice miniseries if you have not, for some strange reason that I do not want to hear about. Oh! And she taught us that blue soup is better than normal soup. And that Chaka Khan goes with vodka.65e33__Colin-Firth-Reindeer-Jumper-Bridget-Jones-Diary-10132013-01-400x3001-415x260 (1) She may sound like a terrible role model, but I do not see it like that. I think she is an inspiration. The books are just as funny as the films, and I plan to watch them sporting my greatest mood, and I will enjoy every second of my date with Bridget. She is hilarious, and easy to relate to. So here’s to Bridget, whom we love, just as she is. Just some advice: do not read the third book. Darcy is dead. Just hope he is dead in a “Sherlock-dead” way, because as funny as I may find Zellweger, I don’t think I would see a film with no Colin Firth in it. Big mistake, Fielding.

“If staying here means working within 10 yards of you, frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s arse”.

PS. Another good Valentine’s date is Carrie Bradshaw, I didn’t think I needed to mention that.

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