Ten Years

Ten years since someone attempted to take our freedom.

Ten years since we were caught off guard.

Ten years since our own people we were targeted as disposable human beings.

Ten years since those images got stuck in our heads forever.

Ten years since innocent people paid for the sins of the guilty, as unfortunately happens every day in many countries (with not as much media impact, even though each one of them should be equally important ).

Ten years since hundreds of families were broken forever.

Ten years since we thought something like this would never happen to us.

Ten years since 190 people had their lives taken away from them (191 if we count N., born two months later and who died because of his mother’s injuries).

Ten years in which those 191 could have done wonderful things, but we will never know.

Never again.

You are not forgotten, and never will be.

You are missed, every day.

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