My Favourite Moments from Breaker of Chains

vlcsnap-2014-04-27-12h37m51s251This is arriving so late. I know. Internet connection issues.

Reviewing an episode of Game of Thrones is an arduous task. Lord knows there are way too many storylines and characters to talk about all of them. Even myself, at the end of each episode, have a hard time remembering what happened to everyone (which is why I have to take notes). Of course, I always remember the main events, such as beheadings, poisoning of jerk kings or treacherously murdering handsome red-haired men at weddings.

Nevertheless, I have decided not to review them, because I tend to wander off a subject too often. So I will just remark my favourite moments of each episode, starting with ‘Breaker of Chains’. Murder mystery! The grossest incest scene ever! More than two minutes of Oberyn! A really sad goodbye! A manipulative yet awesome character’s return! Dany doing cool slave-freeing stuff and yet she has been doing nothing interesting for seasons!


Littlefinger rescuing Sansa


I’m one of those people who really likes Littlefinger, despite his creepiness, despite betraying Ned Stark back in season 1. I guess I’m like Barney Stinson and I always root for the wrong people. But nobody can deny that Petyr Baelish is an intriguing, smart character who should be given more credit (and Aidan Gillen’s performance helps). Littlefinger has clearly something to do with Joffrey’s murder, but I somehow believe, or want to believe, that he is doing this partly because of his love for Catelyn.


Gilly’s new home

Sam took Gilly to a whorehouse so that she can be safe from being raped by his brothers at Castle Black, but that brothel was the grimmest place a girl and her baby could live in.


THAT scene

The photography on this show is flawless

The photography on this show is flawless

Does it make me sound like a degenerate to include the sex scene between Cersei and Jaime among my favourites? There’s ‘rape’ and incest, and yet the most shocking thing of that moment is that they are doing it next to their dead child – which is why Cersei was actually complaining about, not about doing it with her brother.


The Night’s Watch men-count

They are screwed.


Pod’s farewell


“There has never lived a more loyal squire”

Is this the last we see of Podrick Payne? I don’t want to spoil the books, but I am 150 pages short of finishing A Storm of Swords and the one who Tyrion says goodbye to is my dear Bronn, not Pod. It makes sense that they chose to keep the charismatic Jerome Flynn, but one can only wish that Daniel Portman’s Podrick returns somehow. Maybe he can flee to Essos and end up in Daenerys storyline.


Arya and the Hound having dinner

That was straight out of a sitcom.


Breaker (and thrower) of chains

Again, I love Daenerys (I once dressed up as her for a costume party), but her story so far has been doing nothing with some mind-blowing, powerful scenes in-between, like the final one from this episode. Nobody handles metaphors and subtlety like Dany. Also, Daario’s killing skills. She better have fallen in love with him after that display. I certainly did.


Davos reading lessons with Shireen

“You won’t be a very good Hand if you see the word ‘knight’ and say ‘kuh-niggut.'” The young girl/adult man dynamics of this show are unbeatable. Although the lessons ended up being some sort of war strategy? Who knows. They talked about Braavos, so my wish now is the return of Jaqen H’ghar. But with Tom Wlaschiha’s face again, if possible.


Every time Oberyn is on the screen


It might be because Pedro Pascal’s Spanish accent makes me feel closer to the character, but the Red Viper is set to do incredible things, and I will be there cheering when they happen. Martell FTW.


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