Transcendence: I Watched It For You

There is nothing more frustrating than when a film looks promising and it ends up being total rubbish, and the latest example is Transcendence, the movie “starring” Johnny Depp.

The film, produced by the genius mind that is Christopher Nolan, has hints of Inception and similar movies, but this time he allows his cinematographer Wally Pfister to take over the director role. Pfister is not to blame, though, he does the best he can with the actors and the settings, but the script has so many flaws that it is impossible to save.

The premise could have made this a great movie: Johnny Depp’s character wants to create some kind of super intelligence, which he calls Transcendence. Unfortunately, he is poisoned within the first five minutes of the film. Yes. So then Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany, his wife and his bestie, decide to store his consciousness and memories in a hard drive. Or something like that. I was already seeing BS everywhere. And five minutes later, Depp dies. There goes the leading actor: even he knew he deserved better.

transcendence2Then the crazy begins, with a terrorist group kidnapping Bettany and then turning him, while Hall believes that the “mind” that she has now released into the Internet is really her husband. Also, Kate Mara plays the leader of the terrorists (please, someone give her a likeable role) and Morgan Freeman plays a character, but I don’t even remember who he was. He does voiceovers at some points, so that justifies his presence, as far as I am concerned.

At some point, Depp’s virtual self starts going a bit nuts, creating an army of people he has cured (?!?), because he knows everything in the world and Jesus Christ this movie does not make any sense. Freeman gives Hall a note when they meet that says “Run from this place”, and I thought that was personally addressed to me and everyone in the theatre.

I didn’t hate the movie, but it was not the highlight of my life, and I won’t remember its plot by next month – not that I can remember it right now either.

There are so many movies out right now, go and watch Captain America, Frank or The Other Woman. Or just stay home and watch shows on Netflix, but do not bother paying any money for Transcendence. And this comes from someone who thoroughly enjoyed The Lone Ranger.transcendence3


– Things Transcendence reminded me of – because it stole plot points from other stories – in order of appearance: Inception, Her, Captain America: the Winter Soldier (the scene with Dr. Arnim Zola), that place where the Doctor put River Song’s consciousness when she died and CBS’s Person of Interest.

– I just forgot, Cillian Murphy is in the movie as well, sharing his screen time with Freeman. That just gave me an idea: go and watch Peaky Blinders instead of Transcendence, or this film called Red Lights. He is the lead and it is a better way of spending your time.

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2 thoughts on “Transcendence: I Watched It For You

  1. Lone Ranger was better than this !

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