My Favourite Moments from ‘The Children’

vlcsnap-2014-06-16-15h13m15s185That’s it, season 4 is over! ‘What are we going to do until next April?’, I hear you cry out. Well, survive with promo stills and rumours, basically. But in the meantime, I’d like to take a look at the highlights from ‘The Children’, and there were quite a lot of them!

I know, I know, they skipped the epilogue from A Storm of Swords. I had been looking forward to that as well, and I was sad about it, but I guess we will have to wait until the premiere of season 5 for our Lady Stoneheart. But that last shot of Arya sailing towards Bravoos with the main theme sung by a children’s chorus was impeccable, so let’s not argue. If they delayed the scene, it must be for a reason.

Now, let’s just think about everything that happened during the finale. Did someone die? Was anyone’s head crushed? Were there fights? Character cross-overs? Has Gendry landed somewhere? Seriously, though, WHERE IS GENDRY.


Brienne finds Arya


One of those not-on-the-books scenes that completely paid off. The lady from Tarth finally found one of the Stark girls, but as we know, Arya doesn’t trust anyone anymore, especially someone who “works” for her dead mother and is BFFs with Jaime Lannister. Which leads us to…


Brienne bites The Hound’s ear


… that fight! Again, obviously not on the books, where Sandor Clegane wounds are caused by someone else, but oh, it was intense. Some fights on this show are exciting, but you are rooting for just one character. On this fight, you didn’t want any of them to get hurt! But Brienne overpowered Clegane and ended up throwing him down a cliff, right after smashing his face with a rock – repeatedly – and biting his ear. Amazing. So… is he dead now? His leg didn’t look so good, that’s true, but if you don’t see them die onscreen, that means they are alive – I still think Benjen Stark is.




The whole Bran thing was mind-blowing. Really, I didn’t know what was going on, but I loved it. At this point, anything could happen on the show and I’d be open-minded about it. Bran, Hodor, Summer and the Reeds made it to the warmest-looking tree north of the Wall, but all of a sudden, some strange skeletons popped up from the ground and killed Jojen. Wow, I did not see that coming – but apparently he did. Meera’s fighting skills were some of the best I have seen on this show, but to make everything even more strange, a girl started shooting fireballs from her hands and helped Bran and co. escape. Turns out this girl is part of what is known as The Children: people who were there before the First Men, and we finally got to meet the Three-Eyed Raven, who is just a really old man… I don’t know where it goes from here, but I am glad that Bran’s story is finally interesting.


Stannis’ Army attacks the Wildlings


I started watching the episode a bit down because I knew that the epilogue would not be a part of it, but when the Army entered the camp and claimed victory -just as it happened in the books- before Jon was almost killed was impressive. And that music, and Stannis and Davos entering after the fog, and the poor wildling run over by a horse, or the talk about Ned Stark. Well done.


Cersei’s rant


I am not a Cersei supporter, like most people, but that speech she gave to her father about how he had taken everything she loved from her and she wasn’t going to put up with it anymore was inspiring. Loving her children is Cersei’s only redeeming quality, and she made her point. And then she had sexy times with Jaime – who wouldn’t want to have sexy times with Jaime?


Brother hug


The Kingslayer brothers

Something good we’ve had this season is the opportunity of watching the Lannister brothers interact. Jaime and Tyrion were only together the first two episodes of season 1 and the former didn’t make it back to King’s Landing until last season’s finale, so all we had seen so far was the hate between Tyrion and Cersei. Thankfully, this season we have witnessed the love these two have professed, with all those cell talks and Jaime constantly defending his brother in front of dad and sister-lover. I’m going to miss that next year.


Tyrion’s killing spree


Peter Dinklage is getting all the awards again this year, right? Not only he has gotten the greatest monologues, but also the best send-off. This last scene, which I was expecting to be played-out like in the books -and it did- was superb. First, his face when he finds Shae lying on his father’s bed (that b**!) and then, when he strangles her. Oh, Dinklage, what can’t you do.

But the most expected moment was THE murder. Finally, after decades of psychological abuse, Tyrion got back at Tywin, and he killed him while he was on the loo. Yes, they kept that scene as it had been written, so good for the show. Though I will miss Charles Dance: he made Tywin more charismatic than he was on the books, where he was just a sadistic tyrannical a*hole. But there is no doubt I will remember this scene.

Now Tyrion is heading east with Varys. I haven’t read that far, so who knows what will happen.


Note: Dany is still in Mereen dealing with freed slaves and untamed dragons. Oberyn is still dead.



Valar Morghulis!

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