New Doctor Who Premiere Pics and All the Episode Titles

The closer the date is, the more things we get. Teasers, photos, plots… And the latest has been a new batch of stills from this Saturday’s series premiere, ‘Deep Breath’. I honestly cannot wait to see Peter Capaldi in Victorian England dressed like a hobo with Madame Vastra and company. Take a look!

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And if that isn’t enough, we have the official titles of every episode! I’m personally looking forward to ‘Listen’, ‘Robot of Sherwood’ (because I’m assuming it has something to do with Robin Hood) and… who am I kidding? I’m looking forward to all of them!

1 – Deep Breath (by Steven Moffat)
2 – Into The Dalek (by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat)
3 – Robot Of Sherwood (by Mark Gatiss)
4 – Listen (by Steven Moffat)
5 – Time Heist (by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat)
6 – The Caretaker (by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat)
7 – Kill The Moon (by Peter Harness)
8 – Mummy On The Orient Express (by Jamie Mathieson)
9 – Flatline (by Jamie Mathieson)
10 – In The Forest Of The Night (by Frank Cottrell Boyce)
11/12 – Dark Water/Death In Heaven (by Steven Moffat)


You can read the full credits of the episodes here.

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