10 Years Later: Lost, I Miss You

Press play and try not to cry. I dare you.

They say some things you never forget where you were when they happened. Well, I remember very well where I was when Lost ended, because I was watching it!

As the finale was broadcast worldwide simultaneously, I was up at 4am in my living room, crying my heart out (to this date, I still don’t understand how I was able to follow the story with my incontrollable sobbing). I remember all my friends were also at their homes watching it. I remember that the broadcasters messed up with the subtitles for that scene with Desmond and Jack in that cave that was the Heart of the Island, so my friends started calling to ask me to tell them what they were saying. I remember not being able to say a word because of all the sobbing. I remember my father waking up ten minutes before the end and finding me on the sofa, a complete mess I must say, with three blankets that I didn’t need but that I had with me to help me cope with the imminent loss of Lost.

Last Monday marked the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere. Oh, that makes me feel old. I was a 16-year-old girl still in school when this show stuck with me, and it stayed for the next six years, holding a special place in my heart (it is still there).

I am sure fellow Lost fans understand this feeling. The absolute obsession, the need-to-know, the mysteries and, most importantly, the characters. This show comprised so many things it was impossible not to throw ourselves into it.

I was so into the show that my silly crying during the finale had probably more to do with the fact that there wouldn’t be any more new episodes again. Don’t get me wrong, I cried with many other episodes; hell, I think I have cried with basically every single story (damn you, Michael Giacchino), but the feeling of loss was too much for me. Yes, I cry with TV shows and not with real-life situations.

10_tv_episodes_lostBut if I have to point something out is this: my favourite character was, by far, Desmond Hume. It might have something to do with Henry Ian Cusick’s Scottish accent (actually, it might have a lot to do with it), but nobody, NOBODY can deny that his centric episodes were the best ones. Just think of it: if ‘Catch-22’ and the superb ‘The Constant’ are not among your favourite Lost episodes, you simply don’t understand what quality television means (and before you wonder, of course I cried with both of them. I probably cried every time he said ‘I love you, Penny’). I could write thousands of words analysing every moment Desmond is onscreen and the effects he has on the overall story of Lost. Yes, that is how much I liked that character.

Of course, I liked other characters as well, they were just not as captivating! I did like Juliet and Sawyer when they were together, and her death almost killed me, just as much as their reencounter in the finale. I had my moments with Jack. And am I weird if I say I loved the Benjamin Linus character from the very start? Even when he killed everyone in the island; I just think Michael Emerson is amazing (watch Person of Interest. Now. Many Lost alumni guest star). I hated that insufferable Ana Lucia, as well as I wasn’t very fond of Ilana, but I had a soft spot for Faraday and Miles and, of course, for Jacob. I should also point out that Richard’s flashback to his past life was the most ridiculous depiction of Spain (and the Spanish language) that I have ever seen. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Ten years after its beginning and four years after its end, I don’t think I have been able to find a show like Lost. Sure, Game of Thrones had me obsessed from minute one; I also followed Breaking Bad until the very end. Both are shows that I love to death and of which I know everything that there is to know. But in the end, no show can substitute another, right? Meth dealers, medieval fights for a throne and people lost in a magical island are completely opposite things. And I am glad, because I wouldn’t want any of them to make me forget about the others.

I haven’t managed to watch a single episode since its finale, but maybe one day I will. Maybe I will start with a light episode, followed by ‘The Constant’ and, before I know it, I will be watching all six seasons again. I owe it that.


Oh, and I liked the end. I don’t care if some mysteries of the island were not solved: the characters found closure. And I am okay with it.

I’m not crying. You are crying. Shut up.

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