‘Mummy On the Orient Express’ Review: Mystery Shopper

doc22Oh, I am at that point of the series when I am just waiting for the bigger plan to unfold: after all, we are already past the mid-point of Capaldi’s first year as the Doctor. But still, I do love standalone episodes, and the ones in which the 1920s are recreated in space are no different.

It is truth that the Doctor and Clara mention last week’s fight (I am still recovering from that) and this is supposed to be their last trip together, something we all knew was not true.

To be honest, I thought this was going to be a ‘companion-lite’ episode, since Clara was nowhere to be seen in the trailers and it would have made perfect sense after her rant. Good thing that she showed up in the end, even if they didn’t share much screen time. But I thoroughly enjoyed the episode (I feel like I just have to enjoy them all, even if they are not particularly great, as if by not doing so I were betraying my beloved show).

With the curious premise of an Egyptian mummy (known as The Foretold) causing havoc inside an interstellar 1920s train, it took the Doctor less than a minute in front of our bandaged friend to realise it (he?) was, in fact, a soldier. And as Danny said in ‘The Caretaker’, the Doctor is an officer, so do the math.

This soldier theme has popped up several times now, so my only guess is that it will play out soon. After all, soldiers die for their officers, so who is willing to die for the Doctor? Something that will surely connect with the plot point regarding Missy and this ‘Heaven’ people are going to when they die.

For now, I am just glad that Clara is still travelling with the Doctor (and of course she lied and said she was initially quitting because Danny told her so) and I hope Jenna will not leave the show now that her character is finally getting some proper development.

Are you my mummy?


-I must confess that The Foretold scared me a little bit (you know, only the close-ups).

-The Doctor’s face when he hears Clara saying “I love you” to Danny said it all.

-One of the best moments of the episode was probably ‘The Doctor meets Gollum’ when trying to decide if there is actually something going on in the train.

-The Doctor had some “do something for the greater good” moments during the episode, and I am sure people who started watching the show in the Matt Smith era must feel quite impressed and shocked.

-Was one of the scientists supposed to look like Albert Einstein on purpose?

-I will just say this: Pertwee’s cravat and Tom Baker’s jelly babies (or were they jelly mummies?)

-“Hatred is too strong an emotion to waste on someone that you don’t like.”

-“I’m your worst nightmare.” “A mystery shopper. Oh, great” “Really? That’s your worst…? OK, I’m a mystery shopper. I could do with an extra pillow and I’m very disappointed with your breakfast bar and… all of the dying.”

-“Sometimes, the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose.”

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