Film Review: Serena

jennifer-lawrence-serena-still-01It’s been two days since I saw this movie and I’m still depressed and traumatised.

I went to this movie with high hopes. After all, it is directed by the great Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier, the mastermind behind After the Wedding, and stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who have proved in the past that they are not only talented actors, but capable of creating great onscreen chemistry together.

Not that this is a bad film, because it is not. It just is astonishingly gloomy and mournful. There is barely a moment of pure happiness in the film and so many people are killed that it makes Hamlet look like Mamma Mia.

The only undeniable truth here is that the director and the actors make a superb job, as usual. Everyone in the casting delivers a great performance, especially Cooper and Lawrence (very impressive, truly), and Bier’s shots are captivating, with a special mention to the close-ups of the actors, in which she captures the eyes in a way I hadn’t seen in a movie in a while (namely, since Christopher Nolan filmed Batman Begins and was so enraptured by Cillian Murphy’s eyes that he made special close-ups of them).

So my point is: the movie is not bad at all, and the script is interesting and with some shocking reveals and twists, but imagine how grim it was if the highlight of the evening was when they showed the trailer of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Matthew from Downton Abbey will be playing a statue of Sir Lancelot.


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