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Happy Change from One Day to Another Day

I am quite sure that I am not the only person in this world who doesn’t consider New Year’s Eve as a special night. Don’t get me wrong, I have my traditions and I will always keep them , but I am not talking about that. Continue reading

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‘Last Christmas’ Review: Dreamy-Weamy

p02fr02fWell done Doctor Who, you tricked us into believing, especially towards the end of ‘Last Christmas’, that this would be Clara’s final adventure with the Doctor and then, bam! everything was just a dream. A Moffat-meets-Nolan story. Continue reading

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Film Review: Dracula Untold

dracula-untold-5If there is a lesson I have learned from watching Dracula Untold, it is this: never watch a movie simply because you find the main actor physically, erm, compelling. It usually ends up in disaster. Continue reading

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Review of Michael Palin Diaries Volume 1: The Python Years 1969-1979

caece117e3706b013cd4e10171bb7898What can be better than reading the memoirs of someone you admire to get a glimpse of what happened during one of the most important eras of their life? Only one thing: reading their diaries. Continue reading

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Farewell, Isabel

14100124369584Well, that’s it, it is officially over. Isabel said goodbye to millions of viewers the only way it could, with the queen’s death. Continue reading

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Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

337b9f00-63a9-11e4-871e-1b62bfda1b3c_horrible-bosses-2You reader, you who haven’t watched this movie yet and are wondering, “Was it really necessary to have sequel to the first film?” Because yes, the first one was funny, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be a second part. I will tell you this: if effing Frozen is getting a sequel, any film can. Continue reading

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