‘Last Christmas’ Review: Dreamy-Weamy

p02fr02fWell done Doctor Who, you tricked us into believing, especially towards the end of ‘Last Christmas’, that this would be Clara’s final adventure with the Doctor and then, bam! everything was just a dream. A Moffat-meets-Nolan story.

Ever since these Doctor Who Christmas specials began in 2005, they have either been an instant success or failures, but it also depends on the person. I, for one, thought 2010’s ‘A Christmas Carol’, was a total tearjerker, but many people found it average and a not-so-great instalment. Of course, I must say that my personal favourite is ‘The Christmas Invasion’ and I don’t think anyone will argue with me on that one.

65455Luckily for the always great Peter Capaldi, his first Christmas special as the Doctor didn’t disappoint at all. He even got a cast that included Nick Frost and Michael Troughton (no need to say who his father is, although in my opinion he looked a bit like Sylvester McCoy). The episode could have been called ‘Inception: Christmas Edition’, because the whole thing revolved around the idea that everyone was dreaming. The Doctor, Clara and the North Pole expedition that cannot remember why they are there. And of course, Santa Claus is there to help them, even if he is not real, in a way that quite reminded me of Dumbledore in The Deathly Hallows (you all know what I am talking about).

The good thing about ‘Last Christmas’ being about dreams is that Clara got yet another moment of closure with Danny Pink, but it also helped her realise, within the last minutes of the episode, that she is not done travelling with the Doctor. Seeing herself as a 90-year-old lady that hasn’t been with the Doctor for decades made Clara come to the conclusion that being his companion is what she needs. And I welcome it: Capaldi and Coleman have started to display excellent chemistry together and it would be a pity not to explore that relationship more. It doesn’t matter what people have said about series 8, there is good stuff coming in 2015.

And I can’t wait.

“I’ve always believed in Santa Claus. But he looks a little different to me”

-“Yippee ki-yay!” Oh, if there was one thing that could make this Doctor Who episode better, it was this nod to the best Christmas movie ever.

-“We’ve, we’ve got ghosts!” “‘Ghosts?!” “Yeah, yeah, it’s a skeleton man and a girl in a nightie!”

-“If I’m right, and I usually am… we’re dying.”

-“I lied, so you’d go home to Gallifrey instead of fussing about me.” “I never found Gallifrey. I lied. So you’d stay with Danny.”

-“How do you get all the presents in the sleigh?” “It’s bigger on the inside.”

-“You can miss me for five minutes a day. But all the rest of the time, Clara, all the rest of the time, every single second, you just get the hell on with it.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Last Christmas’ Review: Dreamy-Weamy

  1. When Santa replies to the Doctor’s inquiry with “It’s bigger on the inside” and the elves simultaneously chime in with “ooooh,” I couldn’t stop laughing. Great episode all around. The Danny-Pink subplot choked me up; I could completely empathize with Clara.

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