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Film Review: Selma

selma-bridgeIt tends to be a problem whenever a film is regarded as better than it actually is. You can have a movie that offers a great performance from its leading actor (Black Swan, for instance), but that doesn’t mean the film itself is good –in fact, most times the movie is only praised because of that performance, but that’s it. Had not the actor been so good, the film would have gone unnoticed. Continue reading

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What Oscar-Nominated Posters Should Really Say

Hey! Look at that, it’s almost Oscar night! This Sunday we will finally know what film wins the Best Picture statuette (Boyhood) instead of the one that truly deserves it (The Grand Budapest Hotel). Continue reading

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Better Call Saul Premiere Review: One of Many More to Come

better-call-saul-cinnabon-hed-2015Better Call Saul had a huge problem before its premiere: to keep Breaking Bad fans happy, all those fans who were expecting a show as superb as its predecessor, and that was no easy task. One little flaw, one tiny mistake, and the show would be dead in a second, overcome by fierce critics. But the show has finally premiered, and one thing is certain: it didn’t disappoint. Continue reading

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Film Review: The Theory of Everything

theory_of_everything_still_a_lThere is an unspoken rule for the Oscars that states the following: if you are doing a biopic where you play someone overcoming a disability or something of the sort, you will win an Academy Award. Continue reading

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