Better Call Saul Premiere Review: One of Many More to Come

better-call-saul-cinnabon-hed-2015Better Call Saul had a huge problem before its premiere: to keep Breaking Bad fans happy, all those fans who were expecting a show as superb as its predecessor, and that was no easy task. One little flaw, one tiny mistake, and the show would be dead in a second, overcome by fierce critics. But the show has finally premiered, and one thing is certain: it didn’t disappoint.

Not only it didn’t disappoint, it surpassed everyone’s expectations. Where to start? Well, let’s begin with that black and white intro, filmed in pure Breaking Bad style. It was typical Gilligan, and the mastermind offered us a glimpse into the future (present) life of Saul Goodman, the life he told Walt he would lead: running a Cinnabon in Omaha. It showed what none of us had seen yet, and that is the aftermath of the events we witnessed in BB -Saul even sports a look that resembles season 1 Walt. After an ordinary day, a mistrustful Saul returns to an empty house to give us the most heart-breaking moment yet, when he plays a VHS of his ‘Better Call Saul’ commercials. There is nothing more painful than mourning a glorious past.

4442faac-6dc7-439d-97f3-47c9448adca7-620x372From then, we jump back in time to 2002 and we are introduced to Jimmy McGill: sassy, eloquent and money-driven. ‘Uno’ is basically a day in the life of McGill, where we get to discover everything that is going on in his life. He represents whoever he can (I won’t even mention the disgusting case the episode begins with) and his office is in the back beauty salon (the one he tried to convince Jesse to buy). To make things worse, he is trying to help out his brother, who is on sick leave, to get the money he deserves, but he doesn’t want it –mainly because the brother thinks he will eventually get back to work.

So Jimmy is not so different from post-BB Saul, in the sense that both of their lives suck. Still, Jimmy gets to display the skills that made him indispensable to Walt and Jesse. And that’s not all: we get to say hello again to everyone’s favourite killer grandfather, Mike, and the five last seconds of the episode bring back a surprise that will surely pay off in the future.

Welcome back, Saul!

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