We Need to Talk About that New Age of Ultron Trailer

I was so excited yesterday after watching the third trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron that I completely forgot to write about it. Instead, I spent my time setting up a calendar to count the days until the film is finally released in the UK. That and watching House of Cards -once that’s out I cannot stop watching it.

What is new about this trailer? Well, there is usually not much more when it comes to these things, except a fun exchange between Thor and Captain America and Natasha picking up Captain’s shield. But that doesn’t matter: they could be releasing one scene every week and I would still be excited about seeing them all together in the final film.

We do get to see and know more about Ultron (which means we get to enjoy more lines uttered by James Spader) and this trailer gives us more information about the plot than its predecessors. Also, we have a glimpse of those incredibly cool neon sticks that the Black Widow now uses as weapons. I want them. Now.

Let’s not discuss the trailer any more and just enjoy it over and over again. By the way, someone found that there is a tiny dinosaur. You are welcome!


Update: This is BY FAR the best moment from the trailer:

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2 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About that New Age of Ultron Trailer

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