House of Cards Season 3: A Marriage of Equals

06-hoc-ep313.w529.h352It happened again: I was going to review the third season of House of Cards episode by episode, but I ended up watching all of it in three days, so I cannot really tell them apart. Which means I must review the entire season as a whole, even if I don’t remember anything from the first episodes anymore.

But I will start saying this: I was a bit concerned about this third instalment. Its two predecessors were amazing, but I had the feeling that it couldn’t get any better than that, that this would be the downfall of the Underwoods and that would be it. Oh, how wrong I was (and I’m glad I was).

Even if at points it feels like a downfall, it is not, because Frank will stop at nothing to get what he wants –even if it means damaging his wife’s career.

When we meet the Underwoods again, they are getting used to their life at the White House, with all the stress and political turmoil that it entails. Remy Danton is the Chief of Staff, because as we learn during the first minutes of the premiere, Doug survived, but had to start a physical rehab that will take him almost a year (alcohol relapse included).

house-of-cards-claire-petrovFrank’s main creation during his stint as POTUS is America Works, a program designed to produce jobs for every single unemployed person in the US. Quite ambitious, which means he gets lots of trouble from Congress, of course. In the meantime, he (unwillingly) announces he will not run in 2016, even though of course he will. And much more, like the confrontations with Dunbar (burn in hell) or that riveting on-going plot with the Russian president (Lars Mikkelsen for the win).

But let’s forget about Frank for a moment, because as amazing as Kevin Spacey is, the highlight of this season is Robin Wright’s Claire. In the past, she has been somewhat relegated to the background as the person who helps Frank get what he wants. But this time, she starts demanding things in return. She becomes the UN ambassador, she has one of the best storylines when she goes to Russia to meet the activist and she definitely stands out on the final episode. I can wait to see what they have in store for her next season –because if the finale hinted something, it’s that she will decide the way things go.

So I apologise to House of Cards for thinking it wouldn’t be as good. The show has bested itself, as it always does. The time I spend watching its episodes is the only time I truly care about politics, and it’s not even real politics. Frank Underwood for president.


No: Claire Underwood for president.


PS. So many weird sex/sexual scenes. It seems to be the show’s signature.

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