Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT’s ‘High Sparrow’

226725As I explained in my “review” of ‘The House of Black and White’, this year I don’t have the strength to write proper articles detailing everything that happens on Game of Thrones, because there are so many characters and so much happens that I get incredibly lost. So instead, I’m writing down my thoughts and sharing them with you all. If you have any additional thoughts to add, feel free to include them in the comments!

Note of the episode: Jaime didn’t appear. Oberyn is still dead.

-This is probably the only TV show where I never fast-forward the opening credits. Love them.

-Arya should really suggest buying some lightbulbs for that place.

-Well, hello again, Tom Wlaschiha.

-Has Arya had a shower ever since she left Westeros? Or even since she partnered with The Hound? Because I don’t think she has.

-Jaqen, be less cryptic.

-That aerial shot of King’s Landing was gorgeous.

-A 13-year-old boy is marrying a 25-year-old woman. That must be illegal, right?

game-of-thrones-high-sparrow_home_top_story-Cersei is NOT amused.

-Yup. Definitely illegal.

-The actor playing Tommen is having the time of his life, though.

-Margaery must be so happy her gran killed Joffrey.

-Oh, Maggie, you are as evil as Cersei but you disguise it with your smile. I see that now!

-I’m torn. Cersei is the worst, but Lena Heady is the best.

-Am I…feeling bad for Cersei? I think I might be.


-Ugh! I didn’t need to see those skinned bodies.

-Theon/Reek/Alfie Allen looks gross.

-Please tell me someone will give the Boltons a slow, painful death.

-No please, that wedding Bolton just mentioned has nothing to do with Sansa, right?

-Littlefinger, you bastard.


-I can’t believe this. She should have run away with Brienne.

-Anyway, isn’t she technically married to Tyrion?

-I guess she could kill Ramsay on their wedding night…

-Uff, thank God Brienne is still following her.

-Aww, bonding time.

-Brienne’s story just made me want to cry.

-I will never get used to the Lord Commander thing.

-I had forgotten how much I like Davos Seaworth.

-That just reminded me… WHERE IS GENDRY???

-Nooo! Not Needle!

-Kill the Boltons, Sansa, kill them!

-“The North remembers.” Shivers.


-You can’t say that to your Lord Commander! Man, you’re screwed.

-Ohh, he didn’t just say that. You are so dead.

-I’m loving this! The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

-Ouch! Gross!

-Stannis’ nod of approval ™

-Lancel Lannister looks so much more attractive with short hair and that monkish look.

-High Sparrow. Best nickname ever.

-Well, Cersei didn’t waste her time. And she did something smart.

-Was that a Frankenstein monster under the sheets?


-I feel so bad for Theon right now.

-WAIT, I just realised: Catelyn was the love of Petyr’s life. Roose Bolton got her killed. I know Littlefinger, he must be up to something.

-I mean, look at his eyes when he is talking to the Boltons.

-Really, where is Gendry?

-And Volantis is Florence. Sort of.

-“Let’s find a brothel.” My Tyrion is back.

-Apparently, cosplay is also quite popular in Essos.

-Jorah! Poor man, look at his face as he sees that prostitute impersonating the love of his life.

-“I need to speak to someone with hair.”

-Tyrion lost his mojo! Stupid Shae, it’s all her fault.

-Oh no, oh no. Jorah. You did NOT just do that. No, no.

-Wait a second. For Jorah, the “Queen” is Daenerys. Man, you shouldn’t have bothered, that’s where they were heading for anyway.

-But seriously, though: Gendry, where are you?

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One thought on “Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT’s ‘High Sparrow’

  1. Game of Thrones is going to end with Gendry sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean somewhere. I can’t believe I forgot about how the Bolton’s also killed Catelyn. I also can’t believe Littlefinger has never heard about Ranmey. The little shit favorite hobbies include rape and murder.

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