Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT’s ‘The Sons of the Harpy’


You know the drill by now…

-Dorne in the intro! So excited already.

-For a moment there, I thought the guy from the boat was Gendry. Don’t play with my emotions, GoT.

-But no, it’s stupid Jorah. Jorah, I used to like you.

-Isn’t Varys looking for Tyrion? He’s a terrible spy.

vlcsnap-2015-05-04-17h34m58s46-Well, hello Jaime and Jaime’s burgundy jacket.

-Aww, he just saw Brienne’s birthplace and got sentimental.

-“Your niece?” Muahahaha. I’m loving this pairing already.

-“If I ever see him, I’ll split him in two.” Didn’t expect Jaime to say that, although I do get his point.

-Mace Tyrell is the most embarrassing man ever.

-The only good thing that can come from Meryn Trant going to Braavos is that Arya will find him and kill him. One name less!

-Jonathan Pryce is the best.

-I have the feeling Cersei wants to bring the Inquisition to King’s Landing. It totally sounds like she is.

-For some reason, I hate Cersei less since the last episode, although I’m not liking this crazy religious stuff.

-I’m so confused by this extremely violent, yet awesome scene.

vlcsnap-2015-05-04-17h36m37s7-Oh no, they are going to mutilate all the gay people in the capital. No, no. Nope.

-What did they just do to Lancel’s forehead? You can’t bring him back looking so well and then do that to him.

-No, Lancel, not Loras! I don’t like you anymore.

-Whenever I see Margaery and Tommen together, it creeps me out. She looks like her mum. Right now, she is even treating him like he is her son.

-I feel so bad for Tommen. So young.


-Stannis’ wife is the f**ing worst.

-Melisandre is still jealous of Davos. That’s because he is not completely nuts.

-Jon, just ride to Winterfell with Stannis and kill that a-hole that is Bolton.

-If I know Melisandre well, she is going to throw herself to Jon. Who wouldn’t?

-Oh, please. I. KNEW. IT.

-She does sound convincing, but she also scares the hell out of me.


-Apparently, Melisandre used to watch Game of Thrones when Ygritte was still in it.

-Someone please throw Stannis’ wife from the top of the Wall.

-That conversation between Stannnis and his daughter is so adorable, I think he is my favourite now to take the throne.

vlcsnap-2015-05-04-17h41m00s80-Yup. Officially Team Stannis.

-That feather Sansa just picked up from Lyanna´s statue was put there by Robert back in season 1. Isn´t this show amazing?

-I feel like that tournament Littlefinger has mentioned is quite important.

-Okay, yes, that’s how Robert’s Rebellion started.

-This Petyr knows everything everywhere.

-I have the feeling Stannis will be king by episode six.

-Littlefinger is probably the smartest character on this show.

-STOP. KISSING. SANSA. He’s probably thinking of her mum. Ugh.

-Bronn is extremely good at killing. I’m loving this scene.

-“You had a wonderful teacher.” These two should have their own spin-off.

-Dorne’s coast looks a lot like the place where I spend my summers.

-Sand Snakes! One of them looks like she is trying to resemble Pedro Pascal, but it comes out as if she were very constipated.


-The one with the plait is the prettiest by far.

-I can’t even remember their names, it will take me ages to learn them.

vlcsnap-2015-05-04-17h50m27s117-Tyrion annoying Jorah is my new favourite thing.

-Can we discuss the fact that Jorah hasn’t changed his clothes in five seasons?

-We are having a lot of Rhaegar talk in this episode. I foresee revelations coming soon.

-I don’t even understand what Daario just said.

-Oh, something something, fighting pits. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

-There is something really disturbing about people who murder in cold blood while wearing masks.

-No, Barristan, don’t go there.

-Don’t. You are the only person with some wisdom in his brain in Dany’s inner circle.

-Bye, Ser Barristan.


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