Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT’s ‘Kill the Boy’


In which Jon gets asked to grow a pair and starts getting some more enemies, Sansa meets Theon again, Tyrion sees a dragon, Jaime doesn’t show up and Oberyn is still dead.



-I fast-forwarded the opening intro. I’ll admit it and I’m not proud of it.

-Dany, this is what happens when you make awful decisions. You still wear nice dresses, though.


-Does this mean she is going to start doing interesting stuff now?

-Yay! Dragons!

-That was. So cool. I want to adopt a dragon, like, right now.

-I feel so bad for Maester Aemon. He wants to help but he can’t. He should watch Daredevil.

-Jon looks even more sombre ever since he became Lord Commander.

-“Kill the boy and let the man be born.” *shivers*

-Tormund is so big he could eat Jon’s head off.


-They have mentioned that winter is coming in every single episode this season, so… is it?

-“Fewer.” Stannis is the Ted Mosby of Westeros.

-Jon is not becoming too popular with this “open the doors to the wildlings” thing. Please show, don’t kill him.

-Again, winter is comiiiiing. I’m having a Ned Stark déjà vu.

-I feel so bad for Brienne, although she is one of the few honourable people left. Which obviously means she will be dead soon.

-That jealous girl is going to try to kill Sansa, I can feel it.

-And I hope Ramsay suffers a cruel and painful death.

-Yes, this Miranda girl is up to something. She must be a psychopath, it’s the only explanation I have for her love for Ramsay.

vlcsnap-2015-05-11-14h45m32s53-Don’t go there, Sansa.

-Oh no, she just saw Theon, or what’s left of him.

-I just remembered she thinks he killed Bran and Rickon.

-Don’t get on your knees, Theon. Don’t.

-Don’t give him your hand, Theon!

-Uff, geez. This Ramsay scares me to death.

-That’s one of the dirtiest dinner tables I have ever seen.

-“It’s the people who are strange.” You go tell them, Sansa!

-Ramsay, don’t you dare say “The North remembers.” You don’t get to say that. Jerk.

-Theon, don’t be an idiot and tell Sansa her brothers didn’t die…

-Even Roose seems to be done with your shit, Ramsay.

-The backstory of Ramsay’s birth is making me hate the Boltons even more.

-Game: take a shot every time someone on this show says “you are my son/daughter.”

-I feel like Stannis is the only pretender to the throne who actually sees the bigger picture.

-Go, Stannis! Kill those mother***ers.


-I just remembered that Missandei is like 7 years old in the books.

-This is probably the first time I get invested in their love story.

-They are so building up to Tyrion’s arrival, because Daenerys clearly needs someone like him.

-I’m so lost with Dany’s storyline. Mostly because I don’t care unless there are dragons involved. Or Tyrion. *soon*

-Dany is marrying WHO?

-I was serious about this last week. New clothes for Jorah. Now.

-We are not having enough Tyrion this season. I don’t like it.

-Not the biggest fan of the Tyrion/Jorah dynamics. Although Tyrion could have chemistry with a stone if he wanted to.

-That scenery is so beautiful.


-Tyrion’s face when he sees the dragon is priceless.

-Stonemen? What?

-Oh wait, they are the people with Princess Shireen’s disease.

-Thank God! For a second I thought Tyrion being dragged underwater would be the end of the episode.

-“Thank you for saving me. Of course, I wouldn’t have needed saving if you hadn’t kidnapped me in the first place.” This is why I want more Tyrion.

-That beach. I want to go there.

-Now I feel sorry for Jorah. Unrequited love for a teenage queen and now an unavoidable, slow death. Sucks to be you.


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