In Support of Stannis the Mannis’ Claim to the Iron Throne

If you are a regular viewer of the show Game of Thrones, you have probably asked yourself some questions: Is Dany a terrible leader? Are all her decisions completely awful? Is Ser Pounce cuter than the direwolves? Where did Jaime get that amazing burgundy jacket from? How big must Gendry’s arms be by now after three seasons rowing? And last but not least, is Stannis the best option to sit on the Iron Throne? The answers to those questions are: Yes, yes, nothing is cuter than a direwolf, some fairies made it, bigger than Dwayne Johnson’s, and YES.

No one can deny at this stage that Stannis is not only the one true king of Westeros, but also the best qualified to rule. I think we can all agree that both Targaryens and Lannisters are terrible rulers who rely too often on fear and cruelty, whereas Stannis is fair, even if a bit tough and aloof some times. But he would be an amazing king. Just think of his latest actions, because he has been presented as the safest and wisest choice: he showed up just in time to prevent Jon’s death and defeat the wildling army; he is planning on marching to Winterfell to kill the Boltons and return the North to the Starks, AND that lovely scene with his daughter Shireen was the final straw that make every GoT fan become a supporter for the Stannis the Mannis cause.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, just check this great article from Buzzfeeed that will make you become a Stanniser. Stannier? Stannite? Whatever.

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3 thoughts on “In Support of Stannis the Mannis’ Claim to the Iron Throne

  1. disgracedcouncilman

    Stannis kind of just grows on you. In the books at first all you see is “blah blah justice, blah bah throne is mine by right” *grinds teeth* “they will bend the knee or I will destroy them” “have I mentioned justice today” and then he comes to the Wall’ aid like a mothafuckin badass (it’s kind of his “Would you like my hat?” moment, when you can’t help but cheer) and from there, it doesn’t take much to love this sarcastic lil shit.

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