Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT’s ‘Hardhome’


That thing at the end of the episode happened. I still can’t breathe.

-I’m still traumatised after the Outlander finale. This is going to be like watching The Teletubbies.

-I’m so on Tyrion’s side on this back and forth.

-“I will have a very large army.” The show is clearly trying to show us that Daenerys doesn’t get how politics work.

-Aren’t they at least going to give Jorah a bottle of water for the trip?vlcsnap-2015-06-01-13h43m18s168

-I will never get used to Cersei looking like this. Where are her gorgeous dresses?

-Arya is halfway between being a soldier and a brainwashed cult member.

-Though Not-Jaqen is a very convincing cult leader. I’d follow him.

-That nun or whatever she is in charge of Cersei scares the living hell out of me for some reason.

-Theon. You idiot.

-Tell her about her brothers! Ugh.


-My, Sophie Turner gets taller and taller every episode.

-If the Boltons are still alive by the end of the season, I will kill them myself.

-Tyrion talking sense into Dany is my new favourite thing.


-Jorah just can’t give up, can he?

-Oh Cersei, that water thing is a new low for you.

-Awkward post-coital conversation.

-Olly is pissed. Olly is going to kill Jon soon because this show loves to crush my dreams.

-Dreams in which I marry Jon while having a secret affair with Jaime.

-You can’t mess with someone as huge as Tormund.

-That giant isn’t looking too happy. Because the Night’s Watch killed his brothers, I guess?

vlcsnap-2015-06-01-13h53m04s43-What is that, a magical storm? A regular storm? Any other type of storm?

-Yay! Zombies! Okay, according to the Game of Thrones Wiki, their official name is “wights.”

-Why don’t they burn them? I’m getting nervous.

-This is reminding me so much of Titanic.

-Titanic with zombies. Why has no one thought of that before?

-I should write a book about that: “Titanic of the Dead”™ Kate Winslet’s Rose falls in love with zombie Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), but their love is put to the test when the zombies in third class take advantage of the sinking craziness and start eating the brains of people from first class. Jack’s best friend tries to eat Rose’s, but Jack kills him before he can do it. Then he lets her stay on the floating door because he is dead anyway, so who cares. And the sex scene in the car is obviously quite gross. I’ll make millions.

-Sorry, back to the episode!

-This is so cool.

-Four horsemen. How poetic.

-This is so cool. I know, I already said that, but it is!

-I want that giant to become my personal bodyguard.

-White Walker! Nice eyes. Met him last October at LFCC. He is not so pale in person.


-This is amazing (slight change from “cool”).

-Longclaw is right there. How convenient.


-So… Longclaw can kill White Walkers? Of course.

-Why do the White Walkers want a bigger army and head south, anyway? It’s too hot for them down there.

-Zombie kids are scary as s**t.

-I liked that woman, she seemed nice. RIP Nice Wildling Woman 5×08-5×08.

-Jon, don’t just stand there watching them get closer. Run!!!

-I’m so stressed right now.

-Can zombies swim?

-That White Walker is taking it personally. He looks at Jon like he hates him.

-OH NO. I should have seen this coming.

-No words, no sound, no music. This is so powerful that I think I’ve forgotten how to breathe.

-I’m exhausted.


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3 thoughts on “Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT’s ‘Hardhome’

  1. Don’t know which I enjoyed more, the episode or your thoughts on the episode.

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