La Corona Partida: the Transition from Isabel to Carlos


Fans of Isabel, high-quality fiction and Spanish history, rejoice! Because within the next few months, we are going to enjoy the continuation of Isabel’s story, not only on our TVs, but on the big screen as well!

TVE will broadcast Carlos, Rey Emperador (Charles, King Emperor) this fall, but that is only the beginning. When Isabel ended with the queen’s death, it was 1504 and the series about her grandson will begin the story in 1516, when Fernando died and Carlos arrived in Spain to inherit the throne.


But here‘s the thing: during those 12 missing years, many things happened, events that shaped the country and that almost tore it apart. That is where La Corona Partida (The Divided Crown) comes in.

This film, which will have Isabel’s director Jordi Frades behind the camera, tells the story of those tumultuous years, the return of Juana and Felipe to Castile to be crowned as the new queen and king consort, the confrontations between Felipe and Fernando that often involved using Juana as their victim, Fernando’s new marriage to Germana de Foix, Felipe’s mysterious death, Juana’s trip to madness (which, let’s be honest, it wasn’t that, it was depression and jealousy) and Fernando’s ultimate death, which will give way to Carlos, Rey Emperador.

16042015kg_www.pizquita.com_000010_00189If you’ve followed the posts on this blog about Isabel, you can guess how excited I am about the prospect of a movie like this. For months I had worried about the absence of these years. Were we going to have a ten-minute recap of all that in the first episode of the new TV show, or even worse, were we going to jump into the life of Carlos without even having the chance to witness the turmoil that preceded his reign? That is why this movie is so necessary.

Currently being filmed in places like the cathedrals of Burgos and Toledo, castle Guadamur in Toledo or the church of Santa Maria in Torrelaguna, the movie will see the return of Rodolfo Sancho (Fernando), Irene Escolar (Juana), Raúl Mérida (Felipe), Eusebio Poncela (Cardinal Cisneros), Ramón Madaula (Gonzalo Chacón), Fernando Guillén Cuervo (Fuensalida) or Úrsula Corberó (Margarita of Austria). In addition to this, we will see some new faces, like José Coronado as Maximiliano, Holy Roman Emperor and Felipe’s father, Silvia Alonso as Germana de Foix or Ramón Barea as the Duke of Alba.

This film will not only be the perfect way to transition from Isabel to Carlos, it will be a fantastic opportunity to illustrate some of the most important years in the history of Spain, with events that could have ruined the dream of unity between Castile and Aragon that had brought Isabel and Fernando together all those years back. Luckily, as we will see with the Carlos series, it didn’t come to that. And this movie won’t disappoint.


I will miss Michelle Jenner, though. Maybe she can come back as a ghost to take Fernando with her when he dies?



La Corona Partida will be released in early 2016 (in Spain, anyway).

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35 thoughts on “La Corona Partida: the Transition from Isabel to Carlos

  1. Still waiting for Isabel, season three in English on Dramafever or anywhere else. Any news?

    • Virginia Cerezo

      I’m afraid there’s nothing yet. I will post something as soon as I find out about it.

  2. Ladymadchan

    This is great news! It’s like Isabel overload in the best possible sense. So happy to be catching up on Isabel season 3 since Dramafever *finally* got around to subbing this. I really hope they sub La Corona Partida and the new series about Carlos too 🙂

    • Virginia Cerezo

      I’d recommend following the Facebook page Isabel-Carlos Rey Emperador (they added Carlos to it, as the fans were the same ones). Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can enjoy trailers and pics from the shows and the movie and they post stuff almost every day 🙂

      • Ladymadchan

        Sounds great 🙂 Facebook pages such as We Want A Series on Mary Tudor and Tudors Fact or Fiction sometimes post about Carlos as well.

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  4. When is La Corona Partida coming out? Weird that this is airing AFTER Carlos Rey Emperador and not before. Oh well. I just hope DramaFever does their magic again.

    • Virginia Cerezo

      They just finished filming, that’s why. I think the movie comes out in early 2016, but not sure about the exact date!

      • I just watched the Juana La Loca move from 2001 (aka Mad Love) to fill in the gap between Isabel and Carlos Rey Emperador. Although I’m going to have to look on Wikipedia to get more details, trying to avoid any “spoilers” for Carlos Rey Emperador.

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    just finished watching Isabel on dramafever and now REALLY want to watch La Corona Partida but cannot find it anywhere with english subtitles! I sent in a request to Dramafever to add the show. Does anyone have any info how to stream this with subs? (I found the torrent for La Corona Partida, but it doesn’t have subs, and I can’t find anywhere to download the subs either. I’m guessing it’s because it’s just out this year. If anyone knows more than I do, I’d appreciate any info. Thanks 🙂

    • Virginia C

      All I know is that the DVD is coming out next week in Spain (I’ll be doing a full review/analysis then!)

      • the DVD that I found on amazon did not have subtitles.. is this a new version that does?

      • Virginia C

        On Amazon already? The DVD comes out for the first time next Wednesday (and my guess is it will only have Spanish subs 😦 )

  7. I saw it yesterday while searching spain’s amazon, but you can only pre-order and will be available for shipment on the 12th.

    really hoping dramafever adds it soon. (with subs!)

    • Virginia C

      Nice! I’d give it two or three weeks until it’s up with subtitles 🙂

      • Graham Salisbury

        I still can’t find la corona partida with subtitles. Are there any?

  8. looking for other movies about ‘loco juana’ the only one I can find is called ‘mad love’ made back in 2001 I think.. have you seen it? is it any good? (rottentomatoes doesn’t give it very high marks) *it’s not on dramafever though not sure if I can even find it online yet..

    • Virginia C

      It is not that good. Takes too many liberties, and depicts her as a nymphomaniac. I recommend reading biographies, there are some very good ones out there, especially the ones by Manuel Fernández Álvarez and Yolanda Schueber 🙂

  9. the torrent is up and with enough seeders but no sub-titles (the broken crown) the uploader said the DVD didn’t have english subs. he must have gotten a screener DVD and uploaded it. that sucks! ( I even tried to see if I could download the subs on those sites that let you do that for foreign movies, but was unsuccessful) I REALLY loved that show.

  10. out of desperation for my period drama thing I’ve started watching the tudors. it’s good but Isabel was so much more compelling. (And hard to buy the actor playing henry.)

    • Virginia C

      Hahah I know! The good thing about Isabel is its historical accuracy. I don’t buy a Henry past his 30s that doesn’t use a size 50 at least.

  11. I keep waiting for rhys myers to start looking even remotely like henry ( on the 2nd season) but as showtime has just gone nuts with their creative license I doubt I’ll suddenly see a bloated ginger haired bubble headed king anytime soon :p I think Isabel won 31 out of 39 awards nominated.. just shows you can remain historically accurate and still make a show exceedingly well and even, imo,more entertaining than the tudors. (I’m a history buff too so am always taking breaks to google stuff in the tudors that I believe aren’t correct) lol

  12. just wrote out a reply to this and it disappeared – think it’s because I logged in with FB and not my wordpress.. well I’ll leave it again just in case. Per Henry and Showtime.. wouldn’t have paul bettany made a more convincing Henry? Reys Myers is just too hot and I doubt they are going to make him look even remotely like the big fat ass bubble head ginger haired king we know he really looked like. (I could be wrong as I’m only on season two) ah well.. will you be posting when dramafever or elsewhere makes the broken crown available with subs? I keep looking too.

  13. ah – I see that both my comments showed up. guess wordpress takes some time to update.

  14. I found la corona partida yesterday on a torrent site, but with dubs.. for me personally that takes away from the integrity of the show so I didn’t bother trying to download it. I also found carlos on a spanish online site (streaming) but without english subs. still nothing on dramafever unfortunately. just an update.

    • Hi! I have been searching for the English subs all day but found none. 😦 Which torrent site has the dubbed one? I’m really itching to watch La Corona Partida. I just downloaded it but the subtitles are in Spanish. This is so frustrating ugh.

      • Hi Kaye

        If I am recalling correctly I believe I found it with a search on which is no longer around (sucks) but can’t remember which site had it. You can try extratorrent, rarbg, and of course thepiratebay. If I had time right now I would, but am on a deadline for work. I did find Carlos streaming on dailymotion but only with spanish subs.. I’m watching an argentinian series now on dramafever called monte cristo. I really prefer period drama’s though and have requested it on dramafever (the broken crown & carlos) now a couple of times. (even asked a friend to request it also) If I can find the dubbed version again I will update it here. Sorry that I can’t remember – I should have made note of it but I just hate watching dubs so much I didn’t make the effort (think it diminishes the show )

  15. Ixchel

    What’s the latest on La Corona Partida with English subtitles? I’ve requested this several times from Dramafever to no avail. The same goes for Carlos. La Corona Partida is on youtube in full but no subs. Pls continue to update us with any new info as I check this site weekly.

    • I keep checking also and have requested both on dramafever.. nothing. I found carlos streaming but with no subs. (think it was on dailymotion) and the DVD release for la corona partida only has spanish subs. really wish dramafever would add this with english subs.

  16. I found Carlos subs @
    Oddly, There still doesn’t seem to be any english subs for La Corona Partida.

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