Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer!

Stop everything you are doing! We finally have a trailer for series 9 of Doctor Who!

Bad news is, this new series will arrive on 19th September, almost a month later than its predecessor did last year, so we’ll have to settle for any sneak peeks they throw at us in the meantime. Zygons! The Master! Maisie Williams! Spanish locations The Doctor playing the guitar and wearing sunglasses! (Also, he has longer hair now!)

Is it September yet?


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One thought on “Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer!

  1. Thank you! My biological clock kept telling me it was Doctor Time, yet nothing was appearing on my DVR “to-do list,” Maisie Williams as guest star should be fun. I see HBO has found a little between seasons work for Kit Harington in “7 Days in Hell.” Plan to watch it this weekend.

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