Doctor Who 9×04 Review: Before the Flood


I love Doctor Who when its episodes are about paradoxes, about visiting themselves in the past and forcing themselves to change the future by doing something they told themselves to do (read: ‘Blink’, for instance). I knew the follow-up to ‘Under the Lake’ was going to go in that direction, and it did live up to its expectations.

Even if the first scene seemed a bit too self-explanatory, I did love Capaldi talking about Beethoven. It served its purpose, although I was expecting him to be explaining it to the crew, not to us. But anyway…

There is nothing much I can say other than “I really liked it.” I know, simple and dull review, but I am ill and this is the best I can do at the moment.


“My first proper alien, and he is an idiot”


-This was one for the fans, wasn’t it? All the references thrown just like that (including Rose or Harold Saxon).

-The Fisher King was truly imposing, but I wish we had seen more of it.

-Looking forward to the Minister of War plotline, whenever it may happen.

-That intro with the electric guitar? Loved it. As a one-off thing, anyway (but it was quite cool).

-“This regeneration is a bit of a clerical error anyway.”

-“This is really a delight. Finally someone worth talking to.”


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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who 9×04 Review: Before the Flood

  1. Illness is no excuse for being tardy in your Doctor Who episode reviews!
    But seriously, hope you feel better soon.

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