Doctor Who 9×09 Review: Sleep No More


Ouch, ouch, ouch, Mark Gatiss. I’ve always been a strong supporter of his episodes. I loved ‘The Unquiet Dead’ and I usually defend ‘The Idiot’s Lantern’, though mostly because of the fifties vibe. I think An Adventure in Space and Time is a superb piece -okay, that’s a movie, it doesn’t really count. ‘Robot of Sherwood’ got mixed reviews, and yet I enjoyed every second of it -I even got the Funko toy of the Doctor with the spoon! But ‘Sleep No More’, well…

I’m not sure what to say. Is it perhaps because last week’s episode was rather brilliant? I’m so torn here. It feels like it was decided that, for once, Doctor Who had to go back to being a kids’ show, and by that I mean making a non-mentally challenging episode that consists of people running around with a plot that makes little sense, but oh, who cares.

DW Sleep No MoreI’m not even going to explain the storyline, I rather jump into my semi-rant. On one hand, the episode had those Gatiss hints I like in his writing, those tiny jokes, those little puns, like the Mr Sandman song as a recurring theme, a melody that even a man who is about to get killed by monsters needs to sing to get access to a safe room.

Buuuuut, I don’t know. It just fell flat. The horror film vibe that the episode has, what with the POV switching constantly and the camera being each one of the characters, was original, and I will give them that. But after the first ten minutes, that originality faded and it made me a bit dizzy, not allowing me to follow the already odd plot properly. In a show as frantic as Doctor Who, this idea doesn’t work, because it turns everything into chaos.

I really don’t want to go on, because I hate saying negative things about a show that I love and about the writing of a man I admire as a scriptwriter and as an author. But you can’t love something if you don’t love its flaws as well, right? At least they quoted Shakespeare, and that always gets them bonus points in my heart.

Oh, who cares. I’m going to the Doctor Who Festival tomorrow!!!


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who 9×09 Review: Sleep No More

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  2. Heather

    I’m of two minds on this episode. The first is that I applaud the show for trying something different (POV cameras, no credits, little music) and the ideas were all interesting(workers sleeping little to get ahead/capitalism, how a story can be manipulated, and that fantastic ending).

    However, the parts just didn’t gel. I lost interest halfway through-partly from not knowing what was going on. I think a two parter would have been beneficial. Though I loved Gatiss’ tweet today:

    Mark Gatiss ‏@Markgatiss 10h10 hours ago
    Thanks for all your lovely/vile comments on my amazing/appalling episode. Thrilled to have saved/destroyed the show. Stay tuned! #DoctorWho

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