What to Watch for Christmas: Jessica Jones


Christmas carols, tinsel decorations, lights, snow, mistletoe… What better way to celebrate such a festive time of the year than by watching an everyday girl toughen up and be the strongest in the block?

When I first heard about Jessica Jones months ago, I didn’t treat it very seriously. I thought it would simply be yet another Marvel story produced by Netflix. The only appeal for me was its two main actors. And now I realise that it would probably have been enough with just that.

marvelsjessicajones12So I’m glad I was mistaken, because so far I think Jessica Jones is a brilliant show! Granted, I have only watched the first five episodes, so who knows, maybe in episode six the show becomes awful. But I love the fact that they treat the “superhero” aspect of it in a more subtle way, with more sarcasm: it is not the main theme in the show, but one of many features of the main character’s life.

That leads, of course, to the main actress, Krysten Ritter. As Jessica Jones, she finally gets her opportunity to shine properly, something she hasn’t been allowed to do, whether it was because her characters didn’t stick for long while chocking on their own vomit, the writing wasn’t that great or the show got cancelled before she could show off as she deserves.

And, being a Doctor Who fan, of course I must talk about David Tennant. The choice of the Scottish actor as Kilgrave only makes the character better. Let me explain. In the first three episodes, you only get to hear his voice –which is so charismatic that already makes him own the character; he has one of those voices that when you hear it you instantly think, “oh, that’s him, all right.” In every scene he is in, he somehow manages to creep me out and scare the living hell out of me, even though he is, well, David Tennant.

David-Tennant-as-Kilgrave-new-picture-jessica-jones-39064287-500-500And I must bashfully admit that, in the first scene Tennant has with some proper dialogue (which is a flashback to the first time he meets Jessica), I realised by the end of it that I had been smiling like an idiot the whole time. Even if he was saying and doing the most appalling things, which I guess says a lot about me and how wrong my brain is –in my defence, I could say that it was because I pictured him as the Doctor the whole time, but that wouldn’t honour his terrific skills as an actor, so I’ll just say that I grinned because I am completely stupid and brain-damaged.

In addition to this, we have many interesting characters that I guess will be more developed as the show goes on, but I guess one of the things that will attract people the most is the fact that Jessica Jones is a normal girl, with emotional issues, financial problems and a love for booze, just like every girl. A girl with immense physical strength, yes, but a girl nonetheless.


Jessica Jones is now available on Netflix.

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3 thoughts on “What to Watch for Christmas: Jessica Jones

  1. I was thinking of the Doctor a lot while watching David Tennant in this, as many aspects of his performance feel like an evil version of the Doctor, from his accent to his casual attitude to the way he sometimes says “Well…” at the start of a sentence.

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