Doctor Who 9×12 Review: Hell Bent

clara doctor dinner 9x12

Oh, Steven Moffat. How. Amazing. Was. That. Finale.

I expected it to be mildly okay. After all, the Gallifrey plotline didn’t get a lot of buildup throughout the series. Even the first minutes in the Doctor’s home planet seemed to go a bit slow. But as it usually happens with Moffat-penned episodes, a few plot twists left us awestruck and elaborating a new theory every two minutes.

My particular one at the beginning of the episode, for example, was that the Doctor had found out that one of the Claras from ‘The Name of the Doctor’ was living in the States as a waitress, and he had gone there so just that he could see her once more. And after the plot twist in which he ‘saves’ her, I thought that he had in fact erased her memory and was visiting her for the same reasons of my theory #1.

doctor-clara-912But oh my, the actual twist was much more interesting than my theories. For starters, I found the Doctor forgetting Clara way more heartbreaking and painful than Clara’s actual death! And it leaves room for a return (although I doubt it), seeing that Clara is going to hang out with Ashildr/Me for a while before returning to her ultimate death -since Clara said she is going to Gallifrey, I might be wrong and she will indeed show up again.

If I had one complain, it would have to be the whole plot on Gallifrey at the beginning, with the President and all –it probably felt a bit too rushed. But to be honest, it was also quite funny, what with the Doctor ignoring everyone who knocks on his door, and the woman who simply opens the door and tries to speak but doesn’t.

All in all, I think having Clara removed from the Doctor’s memory might be a positive thing in the end, because otherwise he would have become way too gloomy, and his next companion would have suffered the consequences, à la Martha Jones.


And that’s a wrap, for now! See you back here for the Christmas special, and then again next year for series 10!


“I have a duty of care”


-As any proper Doctor Who fan, I love it when there are references to past Doctors/episodes, but getting another TARDIS with the same design of the First Doctor’s was a struck of genius.

-Also, I want a TARDIS shaped like an American diner. Chips and strawberry lemonade and 1950s music. YES.

-I loved how Moffat almost tricked us with that controversy from the Doctor Who film about the Doctor being half-human. But seriously, that “fact” should be dead and buried.

-When did Ashildr learn to fly the TARDIS? Will we see that happening next season?

-The whole mind wiping thing reminded me of Donna and it made me extremely sad. And don’t lie, the exact same thing happened to you, too.

-The Doctor threatening someone at gunpoint was so out of character, which made me realise that it was vital for Clara’s character to go. And also to have him forget her, I see that now.

-Are we going to see Ohila again? They made a big deal of how she called the Doctor “boy”, and I need answers. Like, right now.

-Needless to say, the acting of Capaldi and Coleman for this episode was terrific, especially during the goodbye scene before his memories are erased and that last scene at the dinner in which we as an audience already know everything.

-And Maisie Williams as well. It’s amazing how she succeeds at portraying a character as it ages billions of years with such subtlety.

-That final moment when the new sonic screwdriver appears and he catches it mid-air, it gave me goose bumps. In the best possible way, that is -I was probably grinning from ear to ear!

-“I think that we were here together once. I’m sure I’ll remember… Amy and Rory! It was Amy and Rory!


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5 thoughts on “Doctor Who 9×12 Review: Hell Bent

  1. I cried.

    Having the Doctor forget Clara is beautiful and tragic both. Gone are all the bits of her that will make his soul ache, and all the happy memories, but also gone is the psychosis that drove him onward. I’ll be interested to see what he’s like after this.

  2. Heather

    I think exit was handled as well as it could-given that Jenna kept changing her mind. This way the Doctor has some of her memories but still can move forward(unlike Rose leaving). I can’t wait to see him with River, since Alex hasn’t acted with someone older than her-a whole new dynamic. And Twelve is happy! and smiling(gasp). Shall be nice to see especially if the year-off rumors are true.

  3. Great recap, but I have a bone to pick.
    I think it’s still too early to put the half-Time Lord, half-Human Hybrid theory in its grave. When Me hung the title on the Doctor during their little chat in the reality bubble, he didn’t deny it. His response was “Does it matter?” His face indicated, to me anyway, that he was not being truthful, a subtlety the acting talents of Peter Capaldi certainly could convey.
    As more empirical evidence, I submit the neural block. The Doctor was very specific about getting a “human-compatible” neural block; yet he, not Clara, lost his memories. I rest my case. 🙂

  4. Ben

    I loved this episode, I know it’s sad but I thought it was the perfect send off for Clara. The Doctor needs to stop getting so close to people he knows he’ll have to move on from. I think this t-shirt sums up his life pretty well . Also loved the regeneration of the General. Does anyone know who that old woman was in the barn next to the doctor? Cant quite figure it out.

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