The Christmas Films I Grew Up With

Without even realising it, Christmas has almost arrived and it’s only two weeks away, so I figured I should post something festive –it’s still a while until the Doctor Who special, anyway. So what better way to celebrate the Christmas season than by talking about movies?

Lately, I have been tossing film reviews aside in favour of TV series such as Doctor Who or Carlos, Rey Emperador. Not because I wasn’t going to the movies, but because whenever I went, I decided to have those two hours for myself, without having to take notes or worrying about the film’s flaws: I just wanted to enjoy every movie from start to finish, and I did.

So now, I’m going to fill that huge film hole by sharing with you, as the title says, the Christmas movies I grew up with. But be warned, this doesn’t mean that the movies take place at Christmas –they just happen to be films that I would enjoy watching during this particular holiday.


Edward Scissorhands

This one isn’t surprising, isn’t it? I was three years old when this Tim Burton film came out, and the now worldwide famous melody is enough to put anyone on a Christmas mood. It’s a beautiful movie in every way, and it made me develop a fear of climbing the stairs in the dark –a fear that, I’m not ashamed to confess, still persists. But putting that aside, who didn’t want to have Edward as their gardener?

I’ll include The Nightmare Before Christmas here as well, because the same reasons apply to it.


Love Actually

There was no way I was going to exclude this film from my list. I could play my DVD if I wanted to, but it’s not necessary, because you can watch Love Actually at least three or four times every Christmas if you want to, one on every main channel. The fact that it’s solely focused on Christmas is not the only thing that makes me love this movie: it is the fact that this is the only ensemble romantic-comedy that is not complete garbage (here’s looking at all those American rip-offs that followed over the years). It has lots of beloved British actors, carol singing, laughs, Rodrigo Santoro, heartbreaks and Colin Firth jumping into a lake again.



Only Will Ferrell could pull off being so adorable as a 30-year-old huge man wearing an elf costume. For me, this is the epitome of what to watch for Christmas, and even though I watched the musical a few weeks ago and it made me want to rip my eyes out of their sockets and my eardrums were almost bleeding and about to explode, I still love Elf the movie.


Singin’ in the Rain

I know this has nothing to do with Christmas, but I love Singin’ in the Rain. I love watching it, and signing its songs, and having the added bonus of watching it at Christmas time with chocolate and a hot drink is just the perfect treat. This applies to any Gene Kelly film, actually. Or the Fred and Ginger movies.



The Santa Clause

If you belong to my generation, you have watched The Santa Clause, and probably its sequel. As it happens with other films on this list, this movie wouldn’t be the same with a different main actor. Tim Allen makes the story adorable and funny, and it’s about Christmas and I love it, so I don’t need to justify myself before anyone.


The Meaning of Life

I have a Monty Python film for every holiday. And Every Sperm is Sacred is probably one of my favourite songs ever. I could keep on talking about MP, but then this post would be too long. (However, in my MP ranking, this film comes as number 3, with Life of Brian as number 1 and MP and the Holy Grail as number 2 –actually, I like those two equally, so let’s say they are both number 1 AND number 2).


Wild Wild West

Yes. Shut up. I like the song.



Side note: I must admit that, even though The Sound of Music is one of those movies one watches for Christmas, I haven’t. A few years ago it was showing on TV on Christmas Eve and I started watching it, but maybe I wasn’t in the mood or something, because I couldn’t even finish it and I haven’t tried again since then, so I might give it another chance this year.


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