Film Review: The Revenant


For the past couple of months, I have been worrying about one thing: Leo’s Oscar. To be precise, I have been worrying about the fact that the Academy might be about to give him the long-awaited award simply because “it’s about time” instead of having rewarded him in the past for the great performances he has given.

But oh my, I was wrong, because I watched The Revenant yesterday and I can now confirm that Leo deserves every single award for this film. It’s not just that he eats raw meat when he is a strict vegetarian in real life (which for me would be enough to give him an Oscar), it’s the subtle performance he manages to convey with only a few lines of dialogue, the way he communicates with his face a wide range of emotions (most of them despair and anger). And don’t get me started on the weather conditions on this film, which made me spent the two and a half hours that The Revenant lasts trembling with cold, even though I was in the safe warmth of a movie theatre.

DiCaprio The RevenantAnd dialogue is not really that necessary, in the end. Granted, all the actors spoke with such a thick Southern accent that I couldn’t understand them some times, but I still managed to follow the plot, which means the words weren’t really that important in the end. It’s more about what they show – and what they don’t tell.

Of course, I can’t just talk about DiCaprio here. Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter all give tremendously superb performances as well –especially when you consider that they are all British/Irish and they were believable as men from the south of the US.

There is not much more to review because this is one of those films that you simply have to go and see, but I will say this: it’s a harsh one to watch, with plenty of tough scenes that will have you replaying them in your mind on a loop for days, unable to unsee them. I know that’s what’s happened to me.

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