El Ministerio del Tiempo 2×04 Review: The Monastery of Time

Napoleon Angustias

I always liked El Ministerio del Tiempo because it is great at mixing adventure and drama with comedy, but oh my, wasn’t this the funniest episode of the show so far? I couldn’t stop laughing, it was one after the other.

The historical setting is as follows: in 1808, Napoleon visited the Royal Convent of Santa Clara in Tordesillas, where the abbess convinced him to release three prisoners that were about to be executed. Problem is, the abbess has died before meeting Napoleon! So a new abbess needs to be sent to convince the Frenchman, because one of the prisoners is the ancestor of Adolfo Suárez, the president of the Transition in Spain after the dictatorship (and a key piece of Spain’s move to a democratic country). As you can see, this is a big deal.

So this is where it gets interesting. They need a woman in her sixties, someone affable and yet chatty who can talk Napoleon into doing what she says… so of course, the best and only option is Angustias. She goes to 1808 with Pacino and Amelia (Alonso has two days off to move to his new house), and that is where the comedy ensues. It is so much that I cannot explain it without re-enacting every single scene from the episode. The team meets Adolfo Suárez’s ancestor, erm, Rodolfo Suárez, whose future wife, Rosa, works at the convent. But of course, Rodolfo is a cheeky bastard, who instantly starts hitting on Amelia, even though she is posing as a nun.

But she is not the only one being hit on! Because at the same time, Pacino, who is passing as a priest, is getting vibes from Marshal Ney, who even gets to the point of visiting Pacino in his room. It was all so hilarious that I am laughing out loud as I type this.

angustias pacino marshall neyAnd then there’s Angustias, whose main concern is that she has to sing Adeste Fideles at the midnight mass (officiated by Pacino in what looked like a scene out of an episode of Los Hombres de Paco, with Pacino moving the thurible to make Angustias stop singing. Priceless).

As you can imagine, the problem comes thanks to Angustias’s hot temper, because now she is fond of the nuns, so when Ney informs that he is going to take basically every valuable the nuns have and use it for the war, Angustias decides she’s had enough and gives him a piece of her mind. Then Napoleon arrives, and Angustias faints. Literally. In front of the man. Since Napoleon is quiiiite mad right now, there is no way that he will release the prisoners, so Pacino and Amelia plan an escape. Alonso joins them and helps the prisoners escape in the night. But just then Angustias becomes Napoleon’s BFF, so he grants the release. So now Alonso has to return to the convent with the prisoners. My words can’t honour what happened, it was all hysterical.

So the day is saved, Rosa and Rodolfo will have descendants (even though Rosa now has a major crush on Pacino), and the team returns to inform Salvador of their success… but not quite so much, because while they were gone, stupid Irene has found out that Salvador is in touch with Julián (Rodolfo Sancho, HELLOOOO!!!) and tells that to even more stupid Susana, who gets Salvador fired and takes his place. God, someone kill her, because I don’t want more than one episode without Salvador. Seriously.



After-mass thoughts

MdT everyone looking at Angustias

-God, where do I begin…everything was so funny! But a special mention goes to Alonso being amazed at how the lights inside the fridge work.

-And another one goes to the scene in which they all realise that Angustias is the perfect choice to play the abbess, and we get (not exaggerating) two whole minutes of continuous close-ups of every character looking at her.

-Those bucolic scenes in the meadows just gave the episode the perfect surreal touch. By the third one, I was rolling on the floor.

-Rodolfo, of course, utters the line made famous by his descendant: “Puedo prometer y prometo.” (I can promise and I will promise)

bucolic scene rosa pacino-The way Pacino easily switched from his normal voice to his priest voice was priceless.

-The delicious pastry the nuns make and that the team takes back with them is yemas de Santa Teresa, and is a sugar bomb (albeit a worth-eating one!)

-“You won’t be alone! And you speak French, right?” “Well, when I said on my CV that I spoke ‘intermediate to fluent’ I meant ‘basic-basic’ as in ‘not a fucking clue’.”

-“I’ve understood certain things since I was little, and you?” “I… understand some things, but just enough.”

-“It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read, if you don’t know that you can’t cross with the red light, and you cross, then you get run over!” “Are you a philosopher now?” “I am not a philosopher, but you are a simpleton. Innocent. Gullible. I’m saying this with affection.”

-“Three Hail Mary full of grace and problem solved.”

-“Have we heard from the team?” “No, but whenever you say that, that’s when they phone, like in the movies.” (phone rings)

-“I think you came here to confess, but you’re going to leave receiving communion with the blow I’m gonna deliver to you.”

-Don’t miss the Ministry’s Files!

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9 thoughts on “El Ministerio del Tiempo 2×04 Review: The Monastery of Time

  1. Heather

    Spot with your review. Very funny with the midnight mass and the daydream scenes(love the little jump at the end) being highlights as well as showing the talents of Angustias.

    Only thing that bothers me other than Salvador leaving is that from the preview it looks like there will be a potential love triangle between Pacino, Amelia and Julian. I hate triangles in any show but for one that has so many other avenues to explore, it’s more than depressing. Ugh.

    • Virginia Cerezo

      I honestly hope they will stop trying to pair Amelia up with every male character, they must realise that the show’s fans are actually against this. And the Pacino/Amelia dynamic is much better when he is simply making fun of her.

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