El Ministerio del Tiempo 2×05 Review: A Virus from Another Time

Amelia Pacino Ernesto 2x05 MdT

The greatest thing about El Ministerio del Tiempo (or one of many) would be its fans. They (we) are the ones who have taken this series from promising fiction to absolute success. Which why it’s no surprise that all the extras that appeared on the latest episode where fans chosen to be part of the show for one day.

But let’s see what happened: Irene travelled to the early 20th century with doctor Vargas (who apparently saved King Fernando’s life that time he was attacked in Barcelona –see first episode of the third season of Isabel) to make sure Carmen Amaya, a famous Spanish flamenco singer and dancer, is born. But then Irene gets sick with Spanish flu and Vargas leaves her behind. But don’t forget we have a new boss and she is stupid, so Susana orders to have Irene brought back. The result? Lots of people infected and the Ministry put in quarantine. That woman is seriously stupid.

Of course, there is more to it. Pacino and Amelia discover that Vargas is sending samples of the virus to this German company that, back when the flu stroke a hundred years before, had tried to create a cure that didn’t go into the market because the flu ended. Of course, you know why Vargas is doing this: so that the German lab can spread the disease again and have everyone buy their antidote. They are not stupid –they are also extremely cruel and soulless, like pretty much every pharmaceutical company.

So, problem solved in the end, Alonso doesn’t die, Velázquez doesn’t die either, and Irene doesn’t die, but I don’t care much about her right now because she has sided with the enemy, Susana –don’t you dare to sit on Salvador’s chair, woman, you don’t deserve it. As Ernesto puts it, she is “a moron who doesn’t know anything about Spanish history, but of course she probably has three Master’s Degrees from US universities.” Kids, listen to Ernesto. Master’s Degrees are utterly useless. I should know, I have one –but I also know a lot about Spanish history and read loads of books, so there’s that.

Next week we have Houdini and a set that looks straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Can’t wait!



Spanish Thoughts

Ministerio del Tiempo Altamira

-The show tries to mention Atlético de Madrid in almost every episode, and this time it was perfect, with Germán having a flashback of him with his dying father listening on the radio to the game that made Atleti go back to first division. Tears.

-By the way, I loved how they used flashbacks for all the characters who were affected by the virus (except Irene because nobody cares). Velázquez and his childhood, Alonso and Blanca…

-Okay, apparently Irene will be redeemed on next episode. Looking forward to that.

-BEST running gag of the episode (and possibly season): the two agents in Altamira restoring the paintings, who start hugging each other to fight the cold and end up becoming very, very close friends.

Pacino Amelia kiss-I have always been against the silly plots involving Amelia’s love life. With Julián, it is completely out of place because he will always love his late wife, and with Pacino, well, he is always making fun of her, it makes no sense. So I cringed when they kissed. BUT this show is so smart, and they did the right thing by having Amelia suddenly slapping Pacino, with the music being stopped and all. Perfect and very in-character with the show.

-Why was Salvador reading The Times? I thought he might be in the UK, but he clearly wasn’t.

-Another historical cameo: Gregorio Marañón, one of the most important figures of 20th century Spain. Scientist and historian, member of the Real Academia. I actually read one of his essays a few months ago, about Enrique IV of Castile (half-brother of Isabel. It’s a book worth reading).

-By the way, the mission the team was supposed to go to was to travel to the Feria de Abril in 1991 Seville to retrieve a shipment of fried fish that had come from 2016.

-“Too much water softens the body and opens the pores, allowing diseases to get inside you.” A 16th century man’s excuse to avoid the daily shower.

-“What do you mean we can’t go back? Do you know how cold it is in the Upper Palaeolithic?”

-“They might have the Spanish flu, but here we’re going to catch a Magdalenian pneumonia.”

MdT Irene Carmen Amaya-“After all the fighting I’ve done in my life, I’m going to die without painting Las Meninas.”

-“Who the hell is María Pita?” “If she survives this, she will stop 12,000 English soldiers led by pirate Drake from invading La Coruña in 1589. If she dies, next time you go to Sangenjo on a holiday, they will probably speak to you with a Liverpudlian accent and instead of octopus, they’ll serve you fish and chips.” In your face, Susana.

-Here’s some Spanish fun fact for you: the girl playing the woman giving birth at the beginning of the episode is Elena Furiase, granddaughter of the great Lola Flores.

-And here are the Ministry’s Files of this week.


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4 thoughts on “El Ministerio del Tiempo 2×05 Review: A Virus from Another Time

  1. Heather

    So glad the show did not further the Pacino/Amelia storyline. Would be very inconsistent with her character. Irene/Susana can go far, far away, but I hope Salvador doesn’t make it easy for Irene in order to help her. She deserves all of his scorn. Finally, since J.Olivares is such a big Doctor Who fan, I think the show will do a time-wimey reset and erase the whole Julian/Amelia wedding/baby/photo. Can’t see them paired off with the prospect of a new season. Also I saw a photo somewhere of S2 filming with R.Sancho wearing the same outfit he wore in the first episode.

  2. MJ

    Heather you were right on erasing the Julian/Amela relationship as her tomb was erased in episode 8

  3. S Owen Toop

    Just found this thread. I too have a Master’s degree, although from a Canadian university, and must agree it’s pretty much useless. Reading history is much more useful!

    • Virginia Cerezo

      If I ever make the mistake of doing another one (for fun, that is) it will be about history or something like that.

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