My Pseudo-Live Blog of War and Peace: Episode 3

W&P andrei and natasha in the snow

I have neglected this ‘live blog’ for so long that I can’t remember what was going on on this show. Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

Ahhhh yes yes, yes. He challenged the man screwing his wife to a duel. I remember now. Stupidest decision ever.

Pierre duel

Duel 101. Even he knows this is stupid. Men and their honour. The wife should be the one doing the duel. Or just send her away, or divorce her. ANYTHING BUT THIS.

That. Was. Ridiculous.

Ugh. The Lannister siblings. Wasn’t it easier to just divorce her? Hussy.

Holy crap. You need strength to break a marble table! I would have done the same, though –or at least tried. Thank God Pierre is smart and decides to separate from the hussy – I love that word.

Where has Pierre stopped? Is that like a road motel? And then of course the one person he meets is a freemason. I hope he suggest a masterplan that involves banishing that woman from Russia.

War and Peace Pierre and Freemasons

Have I mentioned already how fabulous Andrei’s hair is? Because it is.

Nikolai, so good with the poor, but basically milking his father. Oh no, don’t invite Dolokhov, he’s going to steal everyone’s girlfriends! See, he’s already ‘courting’ Sonya. Although Nikolai doesn’t deserve such a nice girl, so it’s okay. At this point, anyone who isn’t Nikolai deserves Sonya more than he does.

I’m starting to realise that Nikolai is really very stupid. Not even Natasha can help him.

That mazurka dance looks awful. Or at least very difficult. Also, when is Lily James going to lose those fake bangs? They do look way too fake.

mazurka dance war and peace

That guy is proposing? Isn’t he like at least twice her age? And didn’t she have a crush on Boris? I’m so confused, I can’t remember anything that happened in the first two episodes.

Oh, so Pierre IS going to become a mason. It so reminds me of that episode on The Simpsons where Homer joins the Stonecutters – which was obviously a parody of the freemasons. We dooo, we dooooo…

So now Pierre’s wife wants to bone Boris? This is like a soap opera. Everyone gets it on with everyone.

As I said above, Nikolai is an idiot. Did he honestly not see that proposal coming? What the hell. And he wants Sonya to go to him? Ugh. I officially hate Nikolai.

No, Boris, don’t do anything with that woman!! You will catch crabs!! By the way, Boris, like Andrei, also has fabulous hair. I mean, that’s their real hair, right? I do hope they’re not wearing wigs. It would crash my dreams.

Seriously, how dumber can Nikolai be? His father is already having financial troubles and he is gambling his life away. Asshole. Sonya could do so, so much better. Because of his stupidity, his family is going to have to move somewhere else. Just kill him. There’s a war. No one would know.

W&P nikolai gambling

Time jump! I love those.

Why am I not surprised by the way how Andrei has lived these three years? It took his wife’s death to realise he had treated her like shit.

Natasha’s bangs are gone! Good. And it took Andrei one trip out of his house to fall in love with literally the first girl he sets eyes on. Who, of course, is Natasha. But she is so obviously in love with Pierre, even if she doesn’t know it yet. I mean, just the way she talks about him.

andrei and natasha episode 3

Ugh, so the hussy got Boris in the end? She is the fricking worst, she doesn’t deserve to have that poor boy falling for her like a teenager.

What the hell, she is also screwing the Tsar? Pierre, just desert her or something! Is that the word? Whatever.

Well, of course Andrei was going to be there, and of course he was going to dance with Natasha. Love the dress, by the way. And the hairdo. Their kids would definitely have amazing hair.

War and Peace dance Andrei and Natasha

This dance is so much better than the one from before. By the way, what palace is that? It looks beautiful. Not sure if it’s the same place inside and outside, but both are stunning.

How awkward is it to have such a romantic moment in the snow with a chaperone right behind? It ruins it. Oh, and Pierre is obviously jealous, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Oh wait, he does know it. Poor Pierre.

Andrei and Pierre episode 3

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One thought on “My Pseudo-Live Blog of War and Peace: Episode 3

  1. Anna

    Looks like Catherine’s Palace

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